Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Music Tuesday: OK Go, Shaggy, Tech N9ne, Urkel Goes Cee Lo, and a Video Debut of a Song I Featured Last Week

I turned into a workaholic... well, for a week. Since I was kid free for 10 days, I decided to take advantage of picking up extra shifts at the grill and bar, especially over the weekend. Now that I've caught up on rest and relaxation, I can share some new music with you guys (which I had only started researching last night). Please, enjoy the five songs/videos I have included in today's blog!!!!

OK Go and Pilobolus "All Is Not Lost"

When I heard that OK Go had made another unique video, I had to look for it! I love how the group and other individuals created a kind of visual art using bodysuits and glass, especially when creating words and moving patterns. I admit that I was paying so much attention to the video that I have no idea what the song is about. Time to give it another listen!

Shaggy "Sugarcane"

Well, Shaggy has returned. I enjoyed his music from my high school days and this single brings that familiarity back to my ears. However, the beginning of this song seemed a little busy and loud. It calmed down later. I was highly amused by the video. I have tasted actual sugarcane before and it was very sweet but I don't see myself running off with the guy that provided me the treat. :-)

Tech N9ne "Mama Nem"

I've been listening to Tech N9ne's music for years now, but I have not called myself a real fan since I have not invested in any of his music. I've always liked his music. This song, however, is making me want to go to the store and buy his latest album. I thought it was very sweet to write a song for his Mom. I loved seeing the pictures of Tech N9ne and his family over the years... it made the song and video more personal. :-)

Cee Lo Green "Cry Baby"

Well, hello Jaleel White! After my initial reaction to seeing the former Steve Urkel in the video, I became engulfed in the song and video. This is one of those times in which you forget about the actor and just see the story unfold in front of you. I love how Cee Lo Green incorporates old school Motown for his videos. I was excited to see the video and was not disappointed.

Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera "Moves Like Jagger (Director's Cut)"

A blend of the old and new... I loved how this video turned out!!! First, there's footage of Mick Jagger when the Rolling Stones were emerging as a band. It blends into modern day where individuals are wearing vintage clothing. Then, Adam Levine and company emerge. My addiction to this song now has a great video to enjoy!

Well, that's all for this week... see you guys next time!!!

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