Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show- A Recap

You know it's the beginning of the holiday season when the Victoria's Secret Fashion show airs on television. This is the only fashion show that I make sure I catch every year and this year's show did not disappoint!!! As much as I would love to feature every single outfit, that would make this blog so freaking long. I will feature the outfits that I loved the most from the show.

Before the models, I will review the performers, which were Katy Perry and Akon.

Katy Perry looked and sounded gorgeous!!! I loved the blend of blue and pink in her first outfit, when she performed "Firework." Then, when she performed during the Pink collection presentation, the yellow dress contrasted beautifully with her black hair and black boots. I loved that she did a medley of "Teenage Dream/ Hot N Cold/ California Girls." Her music is very appropriate for the youthful, colorful Pink collection!

Akon performed his single "Angel"... talk about a perfect song to feature on the show!!! It was very classy to have him in a suit while the girls walked down the runway in contrasting white outfits. It was a beautiful segment of the show and it added a classy touch!

And now.... onto the beautiful models!!!!!

I've always liked the Rocker Angel look. To have the corset shaped like a heart is way too cool and cute! I would so buy that! I also liked the dark teal wings... a bit of light and dark to the ensemble!!!

The whole segment where the models were dressed in random sports clothing... cuteness. I don't think I will ever see this colorful of a lacrosse outfit anywhere else!

Okay, my favorite flowers are roses... so when I saw this I instantly loved it! I wouldn't hesitate to wear my black bra and panties and wrap this floral arrangement around my body.

Simple lingerie and fluffy wings.... classy and elegant!

I missed this portion of the show (hey, I'm a Mom and the kiddo needed to be tucked into bed). My favorite is the pink lingerie with the pink, red, and orange wings.... what can I say? I'm a sucker for color!

These wings were just amazing.... so much that I forgot to look at the lingerie! When this model walked onstage surrounded by orange-ish trees... she looked absolutely amazing. You could tell she loved wearing this outfit; she always had a smile on her face!

A few of the ladies wore peacock themed outfits and wings... this one is my favorite. Not only did this model have beautiful wings, but to have the feathers around her waist added to the beautiful dark blue bra and panties.

Onto the best part of the show... the Pink Collection! This outfit was my FAVORITE of the night!!! It was a lot of fun, flirty, and very Rainbow Brite chic!!! It makes me want to go back to Halloween and update my costume with all the cuteness. Oh well, maybe I will repeat my costume next year and incorporate the fun and flirty side that Victoria's Secret showed off, LOL.

And that's a wrap! It was overall a very beautiful show and all of the models were absolutely gorgeous. I know what I'll be looking for the next time I go to Victoria's Secret!!!

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