Saturday, March 19, 2011

BC #18- Favorite Place to Eat

I am someone who likes variety, ESPECIALLY when it comes to food. So for me to have a favorite place to eat is just not possible. So I am going to list my favorites in a variety of categories, while I try to resist my cravings for all of these places, lol

Favorite Mexican Place: Habanero's (Lees Summit, MO)

I've celebrated birthdays here, gone to dinner before a school dance, and frequented here when I would take my hour lunch breaks when working at Home Depot. I'm a huge fan of taco salads and to me, they have the best in the entire KC area!! Their salsa is excellent (just the perfect blend of spices and just hot enough to enjoy). Awesome fajitas, tacos, quesadillas, and amazing fried ice cream!!!

Favorite Pizza: Papa Murphy's

If you want fresh fresh FRESH pizza... come here! They make the dough from scratch, which is super yummy! I've had both the regular crust and the deLITE (low calorie) and they compliment the fresh ingredients (especially tomatoes) very well! My favorite is the Chicken and Bacon stuffed pizza... which is not only absolutely delicious but it takes me days to eat because it is so huge (like 4 inches thick!!!). They also have great salads and take home cookie dough. Oh, and they accept food stamps since they don't cook the food for you. That was a perk when I was using food stamps years ago.

Favorite Chinese Restaurant/Buffet: China Dragon J (Lees Summit, MO)

I never really ate Chinese food until my family moved to Lee's Summit, but this place is about 5 minutes away from my home. It's a small buffet, but they keep everything freshly made. When dining in, I make sure to get a lot of sweet and sour sauce (they have the best out of all the Chinese restaurants I have ever eaten). My favorite dishes are sweet and sour chicken, sesame chicken, general tso's chicken, egg rolls, and lots of crab rangoon. A lot of my high school friends and I can't get enough of this place and we all post on Facebook whenever someone is eating there. I go there often enough to notice when they change something, like adding a new wall hanging, LOL.

Favorite Fast Food Place: White Castle

Oh, so many childhood memories of sitting at the Grandview White Castle with my Mom and sister while we watched the trains go by and the cars driving down 71 highway. It was a sad time indeed when all the Kansas City locations closed (and yet, all the buildings still exist but have been renovated for other businesses). Since then, trips to St. Louis MUST include a stop (or three) at slider heaven. I've got a group on Facebook to bring the chain back to the KC area and it has over 1,100 members. I have been in contact with the chain and they have replied that to start a new market area would be another few years. I do think it will come back, since one opened in Columbia, MO in late-October. Here's hoping for some amazing sliders, chicken rings, fries and shakes back in Kansas City soon!!!

Favorite Grill and Bar: Westside Grill and Bar (Lees Summit, MO)

I may be a little biased on this because I am employed by them. In all seriousness though, we've got some pretty damned good food. Our menu is HUGE, from appetizers to continental to mexican. The steaks melt like butter in your mouth (and I've had several of them to stand behind this fact). The jalapeno cheese balls are so addictive that I sometimes order them as my dinner! The chicken tender bowl is perfect for a cold day (and it warms you up). The buffalo chicken pizza is just too good to share (oh, and the buffalo sauce is just absolutely amazing). Besides the excellent food, there is a full bar, Buzztime trivia, lottery, and a poker night! I always feel at home there!

Favorite Date Night/Fine Dining Restaurant: The Melting Pot

I have eaten at the Melting Pot three times, but not yet on a date. Each time has been remarkable!!! I love walking in the door and smelling the blend of spices and food... to me it's an addictive scent! One thing I absolutely love about dining here is the freshness of all the food they serve. The vegetables are crispy, the bread tastes like it just came out of the oven, the fruit is absolutely delicious, and the sweets are cooked to perfection! I usually am satisfied with eating only the cheese and dessert fondues, but I have enjoyed all four courses (which include salad and meats). I also discovered that my favorite wine (Moscato di asti) is served here (among hundreds of other fine wines) so the combination of food and great wine is highly enjoyable, and to a future date with someone special, dangerous.... in a good way ;-)

Favorite BBQ Place: Arthur Bryant's BBQ (Kansas City, MO)

It would be a dishonor for me, a lifelong Kansas Citian, to not include my favorite barbecue place on this list. I have not tried all of the best places in the area, but out of the ones I have eaten at, Arthur Bryant's is the best!!! It started when my Dad raved about it and always came home with leftovers. Once I got the opportunity to go there myself (and was recommended that you don't need the large fries), I was hooked! I don't eat here very often, but when I do, I make sure that I have enough room in my stomach to enjoy as much as I can while it is fresh from the kitchen. I usually get their beef sandwich (which is enough meat to eat 3 good sized sandwiches) and fries. I make sure I add a lot of their signature BBQ sauce to savor as much flavor as I can. So if anyone ever wants to go to the casino, rest assured that I will always suggest Ameristar so I can eat some barbecue at some point during the festivities.

Wow, now I'm hungry for some good food!!!

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