Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Movie Geekness

Early this morning, my friend Matt quotes Office Space on Facebook. I couldn't resist firing a quote back to him. This leads to me writing a "rule" of movie geekness as my facebook status. Then, I notice that my friends take advantage of this and get me to play "Name that Movie." I happily play along, thus proving how easily entertained I can be. After giving a little bit of thought, I decided to expand my facebook status into an entire blog about why I feel I deserve to be called a movie geek.

-My dream job is to watch movies and write reviews for a magazine or newspaper (why not combine both my passion for moviewatching and for writing and get paid for it?)

-My DVD collection is so big that I keep track of my inventory in a spiral notebook. I kind of stole this idea from When Harry Met Sally... since Sally kept a recipe holder by her bed with her movies listed on index cards. I figured the notebook would be easier to maintain and can sit comfortably on top of my DVDs.

-When in social situations, I can easily throw in a movie quote into the conversation. Or I just randomly quote movies, lol

-This blog that you are reading now has a primary focus on movies (I mean, look at my web address... kcmoviegeek.blogspot.com I did that on purpose).

-If you randomly quote a movie line as your Facebook status, be warned that I will notice and respond with more quotes from the same movie.

-My favorite channel on Time Warner Cable is 986, Movie Trailers on Demand. I have, many times, spent an hour or two sitting on the couch watching preview after preview.

-I save my ticket stubs and keep them in my scrapbook. I even have the ticket stub from when I saw The Lion King back in 1994.

-I tried to get a job at the movie theater once. I think what killed my chances was that I spent so much time talking about movies than discussing why I would be a great employee to the company.

-I get really mad if I am late to the movies and miss the previews.

-I would seriously plan a vacation that revolves around touring movie studios and visiting locations that were used for my favorite films.

-My dream house WILL have a theater room. I will find the biggest screen possible to show the movies. It will have tons of shelves for holding my movie collection, a massive surround sound system, movie posters hanging on the walls, and comfortable seating.

-My favorite course in college was my Film as Literature class. We watched a lot of movies (Charlie Chaplin films, Casablanca, Citizen Kane & others) and wrote extensive papers about each movie.

-If there is a midnight showing for a film, I will be there. 95% of the time. I can't split myself in two and attend two midnight showings the same night, you know...

-IMDB.com is listed under my favorites tab on my laptop.

-I buy movies that I have never seen knowing that I will like them.

-My biggest pet peeve is when people constantly talk during a movie. I'm ok with a random comment, but when they are basically having an entire conversation with me, I will not hesitate in telling them to shut up. This is especially true for a movie I have been dying to see.

-When shopping at places like Target or Best Buy, my first stop is at the movies.

-About 1/3 of my book collection has been made into movies.

-I have purchased red, blue, green, white and yellow DVD cases on EBay just so my movie collection would look more attractive.

-I write movie reviews on my buddy Brandon's webpage just because I can!

-I once looked up career opportunities for the MPAA on Career Builder. I found them in St. Louis but at the time I wasn't willing to move there, lol

-My favorite former job was working at Blockbuster Video. I had 5 free rentals a week, I could rent movies not yet released in stores, and I was able to discuss movies with everyone! I also got a lot of free movie stuff when working there (posters, DVD cases, entertainment magazines).

-I have made cds with just movie themes on them. I also try to take advantage of listening to the movie themes channel when in my sister's car (gotta love satellite radio).

-If I discover "Easter Eggs" in a film that I own, I am immediately putting it in the DVD player to find them. Or I see the movie in theaters again.

-If I have money to blow, my first purchase is likely to be on a movie.

-Even though parody movies are generally dumb, I love them. To me, those movies are 10 times funnier when you have seen all the films they are spoofing. And in my case, I have seen all of the movies.

-I currently own 13 version of Scene It? and 4 Shout about Movies DVD trivia games.

-I have seen more than one movie in theaters within a 24 hour period on many occasions, and not just at the Drive-In.

Yes, I believe I am more than qualified to be called a Movie Geek :-)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Favorite Football Movies

It's that time of year... football season! And, of course, the Chiefs did lose in the last 30 seconds to the Eagles Friday night... so disappointing but in the tradition of Kansas City professional teams, I'm used to it. Sadly. This time of year also has me digging into my massive DVD collection looking for the movies that revolve around football. So grab your bag of popcorn, sit on the couch and enjoy the movies that I consider my favorite football movies~

Remember The Titans: This one is my absolute favorite. The movie is based on a true story from the early 1970's. It is a great story of how two high schools from different racial backgrounds are merged together and work through their differences to become one unified team. The football team is the first group of students to actually break through the tension and set the example for the rest of the community.

When I was a junior and senior in high school, I played for the high school powderpuff football team. When it was my senior year, the girls and I decided to warm up before practice and the game while singing the "We are the Titans" song, but replacing Titans with seniors.

Rudy: I don't think I would be a fan of Notre Dame if it wasn't for this movie. A young man named Rudy has always dreamed of playing football at Notre Dame, despite his small figure. His determination however, is noticed and he does eventually get to join the team. This is just a classic, feelgood movie... one that I would recommend people put on thier bucket list. If there is ever a time where I feel a little bit down or seem to be in a situation where I feel like I just cant fit in... I stick this in my DVD player and feel a lot better about a situation.

The Waterboy: It may easily be the dumbest football movie out there, but I cant help liking it. The Waterboy of a Louisiana team discovers his talent of tackling through pent up anger and rage, which leads him to playing college football. Like many of Sandler's comedies, there is a blend of comedic timing and sentiment. This is the one football film I quote the most. "You can dooooo it!!!" "Foosball is the devil!" "Gatorade....." And I will stay away from the frog cupcakes...

The Replacements: This is one movie that I catch myself watching every time it is on tv, even when it isn't football season. A bunch of NFL players decide to go on strike because they demand bigger salaries. The coach of the Washington Sentinals decide to recruit replacement players, who never made it to the NFL. This plan seems to work and generates some interesting plays... and strip club cheerleaders, lol. This is another movie that shows teamwork and character building. What I love about this movie is the perfect blend of comedy, football, and storyline. The group of actors in this film (Keanu Reeves, Jon Favreau, Gene Hackman, Orlando Jones, Rhys Ifans) was just pure awesomeness.

The Longest Yard (2005 remake): Ok, I haven't seen the original, but being an Adam Sandler fan, I watched the remake anyway. Paul Crewe has a drunken incident that leads him to jail. The warden of the prison offers Crewe to have a reduced sentence if he is willing to create a football team with inmates to play against the guards. This was another movie where I loved the blended cast (Adam Sandler, Burt Reynolds, Nelly, Chris Rock, Terry Crews). When the Caretaker was killed, I was upset. It would be like killing off Red (Morgan Freeman) in Shawshank Redemption. Not cool to kill the caretaker. As a whole, I thought this movie was merely ok, but had its moments.

The Game Plan: This is what you call a cutesy football movie. Joe Kingman, quarterback, is about to lead his team to the championship (apparently Disney didn't get the rights to say Super Bowl, lol) when he gets an unexpected visitor. His daughter, whom he never knew about until that moment. So he is forced into a situation where he's balancing his personal life and professional life while taking care of her. Ok, so it's really not much about football, except for the last 15 minutes. But entertaining in a "watch with your kids" kind of way.

And Now for my "Walk of Shame"...

Football Movies That I Have Yet to See:
-The Blind Side
-We Are Marshall
-The Program
-Any Given Sunday

Yes, I have been told by a few random people that I have been depriving myself from watching these movies. One person, years ago, was bold enough to say I cant be a real football fan because I hadn't seen Any Given Sunday. Oh, well. I'll see it eventually, lol

Friday, August 27, 2010

Things I learned from Watching Movies

-A Bolt of lightning generates 1.21 gigawatts of power.

-If a man named Jules starts quoting Ezekiel 25:17 with a gun aimed at you... consider that your last rites.

-When it comes down to the last few seconds in choosing to cut the red wire or the blue (sometimes black) wire, the person usually gets it correct (and I always forget which one it is, lol)

-Roofies make Bachelor parties forgettable and unforgettable at the same time.

-If you are teamed up with someone you truly hate in the professional world, you will eventually fall in love with that person.

-I can get videos "Sweded."

-Walmart isn't just a place to shop. You can live there, have a baby, seek out employment, and get married.

-You Dont F**k with people who handle your food.

-If you want to go to a high school where everyone breaks into song and can dance, I would suggest Rydell High in California or East High in Arizona.

-Getting rid of baby batter before a big date helps with the nerves.

-You can work at a fashion magazine without having a sense of fashion. This will change with time.

-Watching a lot of horror/slasher movies makes you an expert on surviving a horror film, especially if you work at a video store.

-Toys come to life when you are not around.

-If you decide to book a beastiality act for a going away party, be sure the website has pics. Especially if the person performing said act has a gender neutral name.

-A bag of groceries will always have some sort of fresh bread sticking out of the bag.

-Dont piss off a gay travel agency representative, otherwise he will put you on a gay cruise knowing that you are straight.

-You can take fat from liposuction and turn it into pricey bars of soap.

-Porn doesn't happen on twin sized beds, not even full ones in most cases. And you don't see a million knick knacks all over the bedroom/ bathroom/ stairs/ outside. Ruins the fantasy.

-If in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, always keep up on your cardio, double tap, and double check the backseat of a vehicle before driving.

-Crimes are only solved if one of two things happen: You get partnered with someone least like you (personality wise) or you are placed on probation/ suspension.

-You may be able to fake being mentally challenged well, but the people who are actually mentally challenged will see right through you.

-To go from loser to most popular in high school is actually pretty easy. If you are an undercover reporter, all you need is your sibling to enroll at the same school or you need to have a friend in prison that will teach you how to walk the walk.

-Mrs. Lovett's meat pies are truly unique in taste.

-Beware of extremely attractive, accented individuals inviting you to stay in hostels in Eastern Europe; they entice you with alcohol and sex before they turn you over to an Elite Hunting Club.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fashion Trends That I Would Not Miss if They Disappeared from Earth... Forever

I am not a fashionista. If it wasn't for Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada, I would probably know jack shit about high-end fashion and fashion trends. I do feel, to an extent, that I have a smart sense of fashion. I try to experiment with new styles of clothing, just not enough. Like every other female out there, I have made some errors and wondered "What the hell was I thinking?" when reflecting back on some of my choices in clothing. I also know there are some fashion trends that make me wonder how in the hell they were popular in the first place? I dedicate this blog to the fashion trends that I wish I never learned of, or witnessed.

The Wonder Bra:
Ok, I'm very well endowed in the chest area so I have never needed to use one. But, I want to speak for my guy friends that love boobs. There is a time where a guy can be very disappointed when removing lingerie. When a guy gets excited looking to find a C cup and realizing that it's actually an A cup, it's a real "downer." I know that buying one of these bras is a hell of a lot cheaper than plastic surgery, but please. Spare the agonizing moment for the guy you are with and just try being youself for once. Seriously.

Ok, so this is a trend that I just became aware of last week. Jeggings are leggings that are made to look like tight denim jeans. Its popularity peaked in early 2009. Ok, why???? Jeans are made to feel like jeans and come in a variety of styles. Leggings, at least for me, are best in solid colors, and dont have pockets. Why would you make a faux pocket on leggings? I know they designed this as something else to go with the skinny jeans trend, but no. Just no. Go away and rot at the bottom of some size 0 girl's closet.

Overly Baggy Jeans/Boxer exposure:
Ok, this was a huge trend when I was in junior high and high school, and it has carried over to today. Most of the people that dress this way are completely ignorant about how this trended in the first place. You see, in prison, if you sagged your jeans that would help determine to the other inmates that you like taking it up the butt. True story. This trend promotes ass play. I'm all for homosexual loving, but when I know a straight guy is doing this just because they think it looks good, I laugh and hope that they never end up in a cell. That would be an eye-opening experience, lol

Shoulder Pads:
I have always hated shoulder pads. When I was in grade school (before I starting buying my own clothes) my Mom seemed to get me all kinds of jackets and sweaters with shoulder pads. Since when was I concerned about how comfortable my shoulders would be when wearing something? I mean, I am not a football player so why the extra padding? The only thing I currently own with shoulder pads is part of a professional, two piece business outfit. That's my only exception, and it still bugs me.

Tattoos that Cover EVERY Surface of the Body:
Tattoos are a cool way to express yourself. A few tattoos are ideal for most. However, when every single part of your body looks like a brick wall covered in graffiti, you overdid it. Then again, you may be able to get away with people thinking you are wearing a see-thru long sleeved t-shirt. Extra points if a fashion designer asks you to make a few dozen of them to show to perspective buyers!!!

Banana Hammock/Speedos:
Once I saw Borat in one, I was done. Even if for some reason there is a very complimenting pic of, say Usher or David Cook in one, I just couldn't take it seriously. Oh, neon colored ones are the WORST *gag*

Is it a pair of shorts or is it a skirt? Well, someone had the idea to combine the two!!! I had one of these when I was twelve. Back then I wasn't comfortable with skirts, so having them feel like shorts made me feel better. Now I see them as completely pointless. If I feel like shorts, I wear shorts. If I want to be girly, I'll put on a skirt. No more combos!

Now, with that said, there are some trends that a lot of people hate that I just love. But I will save that for another time!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Breaking Down Movie Ratings

I was talking to my buddy Robin and she was baffled that the movie Showgirls was considered a cult film. Of course it is! I mention to her that it didn't do well in the theaters because, in part, of its NC-17 rating. She then wondered the difference between R and NC-17. So as I am trying to explain to her what makes those ratings different, I felt inspired to break down all MPAA movie ratings. Before you figure out if this is supposed to be a funny or serious blog, I will give you an inside tip.... I will present the facts before I add in my little tidbits.

G — General Audiences. All Ages Admitted.
A G-rated motion picture contains nothing in theme, language, nudity, sex, violence or other matters that, in the view of the Rating Board, would offend parents whose younger children view the motion picture. The G rating is not a "certificate of approval," nor does it signify a "children’s" motion picture. Some snippets of language may go beyond polite conversation but they are common everyday expressions. No stronger words are present in G-rated motion pictures. Depictions of violence are minimal. No nudity, sex scenes or drug use are present in the motion picture.

So basically most Disney animated films, several annoying cartoon characters (and furry animals) and documentaries about nature. Squeaky clean stuff.

PG — Parental Guidance Suggested.
Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children. A PG-rated motion picture should be investigated by parents before they let their younger children attend. The PG rating indicates, in the view of the Rating Board, that parents may consider some material unsuitable for their children, and parents should make that decision. The more mature themes in some PG-rated motion pictures may call for parental guidance. There may be some profanity and some depictions of violence or brief nudity. But these elements are not deemed so intense as to require that parents be strongly cautioned beyond the suggestion of parental guidance. There is no drug use content in a PG-rated motion picture.

Ah, PG fun. Look at Home Alone or Harry Potter #1, 2, 3, and 6, very good examples of normal PG movies. I do give credit to Dreamworks Studios for sneaking in adult humor in their animated films, especially in the Shrek franchise (some of them are so subtle that it makes me wonder how they got by with the PG rating.). Personally, many PG films seem appropriate for my 5 year old. Yea, some of the thematic elements may not be understood by him, but he generally gets the gist of things. There's just something more real when watching a PG film compared to one that's rated G. Oh, and this is where bad words start coming out, lol

PG-13 — Parents Strongly Cautioned.
Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children Under 13. A PG-13 rating is a sterner warning by the Rating Board to parents to determine whether their children under age 13 should view the motion picture, as some material might not be suited for them. A PG-13 motion picture may go beyond the PG rating in theme, violence, nudity, sensuality, language, adult activities or other elements, but does not reach the restricted R category. The theme of the motion picture by itself will not result in a rating greater than PG-13, although depictions of activities related to a mature theme may result in a restricted rating for the motion picture. Any drug use will initially require at least a PG-13 rating. More than brief nudity will require at least a PG-13 rating, but such nudity in a PG-13 rated motion picture generally will not be sexually oriented. There may be depictions of violence in a PG-13 movie, but generally not both realistic and extreme or persistent violence. A motion picture’s single use of one of the harsher sexually-derived words, though only as an expletive, initially requires at least a PG-13 rating. More than one such expletive requires an R rating, as must even one of those words used in a sexual context. The Rating Board nevertheless may rate such a motion picture PG-13 if, based on a special vote by a two-thirds majority, the Raters feel that most American parents would believe that a PG-13 rating is appropriate because of the context or manner in which the words are used or because the use of those words in the motion picture is inconspicuous.

I consider this rating my "feel good happy place." My favorite comedies, love stories, and comic book films rest here. Not too squeaky clean, but not too dirty either (like baby bear's porridge, just right!). Yea, you can see boobs here, maybe even a derriere or two, but more out of artistic expression or screwball comedy. Most "popcorn" movies are genrated here (you know, the ones that tend to keep your attention while shoveling handfuls of popcorn down your throat... for best description of this, watch Ellen DeGeneres Here and Now). Two of my top 5 favorite films are in this rating (Forrest Gump and The Dark Knight)

R — Restricted.
Children Under 17 Require Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian. An R-rated motion picture, in the view of the Rating Board, contains some adult material. An R-rated motion picture may include adult themes, adult activity, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexually-oriented nudity, drug abuse or other elements, so that parents are counseled to take this rating very seriously. Children under 17 are not allowed to attend R-rated motion pictures unaccompanied by a parent or adult guardian. Parents are strongly urged to find out more about R-rated motion pictures in determining their suitability for their children. Generally, it is not appropriate for parents to bring their young children with them to R-rated motion pictures.

When I was 15, I bought tickets to an R-rated flick without being carded for my ID (and felt like a Rockstar when I walked away from the box office). It was for Cruel Intentions, which I admit is my number one coming-of-age/ guilty pleasure movie, lol. To me, this is where my heart lies when it comes to watching good movies. The realism, the way characters talk, the deep storylines and themes... only the best when presented with an R-rating. You see sex, drugs, lots of f-bombs (Hello Alpha Dog!). And, for the ladies and gay males... first appearances of penises, hehe. Of my top 5 favorite movies, 3 of them are Rated R (Shawshank Redemption, The Departed, and Pulp Fiction)

NC-17 — No One 17 and Under Admitted.
An NC-17 rated motion picture is one that, in the view of the Rating Board, most parents would consider patently too adult for their children 17 and under. No children will be admitted. NC-17 does not mean "obscene" or "pornographic" in the common or legal meaning of those words, and should not be construed as a negative judgment in any sense. The rating simply signals that the content is appropriate only for an adult audience. An NC-17 rating can be based on violence, sex, aberrational behavior, drug abuse or any other element that most parents would consider too strong and therefore off-limits for viewing by their children

Ok, going back to talking about Showgirls, which is the only NC-17 movie I have seen (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Zach and Miri Make a Porno were both thisclose to earning the NC-17 nod... and I kinda wish that they did). What makes Showgirls earn the NC-17 rating is mostly about the sexual aspects of the film: hardcore girl-on-girl grinding, the highly agressive pool sex scene, the nonchalant usage of crack/cocaine, and the rape/gangbang scene. You wont see those in an R-rated film. Oh, and fun fact: unerect penis gets an R rating, erect ones get NC-17!

Do I really need to explain the difference between NC-17 and X rated films? No? Good.... because if you have to ask, then I need to buy you a porn so you can evaluate it yourself! ;-)

The Trials and Tribulations of Job Hunting

If you were to get onto my laptop and search the internet history, you will find the normal stuff: e-mail, social networking sites, my blog, blogs of others, a few retail websites.... and Career Builder. I've been visiting Career Builder a lot. Sometimes I am on there three times a day hoping new jobs get posted. Navigating around that site has become second nature to me. I have a love/hate relationship with this site. Ok, maybe not the site, but how it makes me feel sometimes when trying to find employment.

As many of you may know, I have had a very consistant job history until about two years ago (My Sacrifices blog reflects the holes in my employment). I hate not having a job. I have to be working somewhere, even if I miraculously win the Powerball and would never need to work again. That's just in my nature.

Dealing with the recession definately took an impact on my job hunting. Jobs that I was qualified to do were being filled by others that had too much experience, but they needed the job so they wouldn't lose everything. I had many calls for places. I even had two excellent interviews at Best Buy in summer 2008, but sadly they could not hire me even though they needed someone. This was the story of my life then, until Cargo Largo got ahold of me. That was the worst job... EVER. I was warned how bad it was beforehand, but in desperation to have income, I took the job, and suffered through it for 9 months.

Enter Career Builder.

That site has been my number one resource for a year now. The more I use it, the more I realize how few jobs I can actually have with not completing a college degree (FYI, my job history involves restaurant, retail, customer service, and some office/clerical work... see how I have limited choices?). Those times where it gets me down is when I either log off Career Builder for a few days or take a chance and go for jobs that require more experience (in the hopes that someone will look at my ambitions and eagerness to give me a chance).

Once I do apply for any number of jobs, then I feel the "games" begin. I have held enough jobs to know that there are several different ways to go about hiring people. Some companies look for applicants who persistantly follow up on their resumes. Some don't want to be contacted at all. With more companies going paperless, I have noticed an increase of e-mail interview setups (and "position has been filled" e-mails). Attempting to figure out which company plays which game is frustrating as hell. I thought I was awesome for persistantly following up with Blockbuster Video for three weeks, which helped me get the job, but it seems that today, you cant find an employer who will hire you that way. Then there is the issue of finding extra ways to boost up your work credentials, like adding letters of recommendation. Many of the jobs I've been applying to lately don't want to look at them. They seem to not care, unless its a quick reference that they can call over the phone.

I also have recently discovered a dark thing from my past that may have been preventing me from getting many jobs that I have been interviewed for... my 2004 misdemeanor. I wrote several bad checks with the promise from my ex-husband that he would get money into my account so I wouldn't get in trouble. Yep, didn't happen. I had to go to court and was placed on six months probation. I thought that was all over back then, but last month, it cost me a job at JC Penney. How I was able to pass three background checks (in the past six years) without that ever showing up is beyond me. There is no worse feeling than getting ready to start a new job then having it taken away from you days later. But, this setback was a good thing since I now have to really pay attention to the "Have you been convicted of a crime/felony" question. I may have been unknowingly lying on job applications.

The whole process of applying, following up, and interviews has become more of a burden to me the past year. It makes me tired of "playing the job seeking game." I see people that take their jobs for granted and wonder how someone like me, who is looking for a job for all the right reasons, can feel a little bit worthless? Moments like this is what put me in a mini funk a few days ago (and thanks to some rock music, the outdoors, and a glass of wine, I got over it pretty fast).

You want to know something ridiculous? I've been ranting about my frustrations of finding a job when I was offered one six hours prior to writing this blog. I took the job and will probably be starting it in the next 24-48 hours. And what's even more ridiculous??? I didn't even have an application on file!

Monday, August 23, 2010

One-Liner Movie Reviews

Ok, I am finally blogging about movies! Took me long enough! To be honest, I have hardly watched movies or television in about a month and a half.. True Blood has been the only exception. With that said, I'm going to backtrack and give some quick reviews of movies I have watched this year (some in theaters, some I watched for the first time on DVD).

Toy Story 3: Best movie I have seen this year, with a great story (plus it made me cry big time at the end)

Best Worst Movie: Great documentary on the cult following of Troll 2 and the actors from the film, but I still need to watch Troll 2 itself

Zombieland: Good comedy/horror blend about surviving zombie attacks, plus I always crave Twinkies when watching it

Boondock Saints II-All Saints Day: Cant beat the original, but decent plot with a few suprises (especially the last 10 minutes... wow, Agent Smecker)

Alice in Wonderland: Took me a while to realize this was more of a sequel to the animated Disney flick than a remake, but definately darker (was my first 3D movie experience too)

The Hangover: The funniest movie I have seen this year, and I cant stop quoting it!

Star Trek: I was never a trekkie, but after seeing this, I might have to explore the "playboy" antics of Captain Kirk...

Michael Jackson's This is It: This would have been an excellent comeback tour and I would have wanted to see it live.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past: EXTREMELY predictable but I think Emma Stone's character (Ghost of dating past) was the best thing to come out of it!

Shrek The Final Chapter: This was very similar to the plot synopsis of Back to the Future Part II, but cute way of closing this movie franchise

Avatar: I sensed the Ferngully vibe, but wasn't blown away like many people were.

The Time Traveler's Wife: Should have read the book first so I would have understood it better

Obsessed: Totally predictable, but was satisfied with its seductive nature (I really love those kind of movies)

Sex and the City 2: I think this movie should have had a 2 drink minimum... at least, not to mention that it lost the charm the series and the first movie had established

The Green Mile: AMAZING movie that I should have watched years ago (might knock Dark Knight out of my top 5 favorite films, lol)

How to Train Your Dragon: Cute movie where one individual thinks outside the box and proves that the dragons are not hostile.

Couple's Retreat: Great team of actors and actresses, but made me really want to go to Bora Bora

I Love You, Man: Total bromance flick, plus my crush on Jason Segal quadrupled when watching this the first time

The Final Destination: Worst movie of the franchise and I should have seen it in 3D

Well, that's it! In the future, I will be writing more in-depth reviews of new movies as I see them! Hope you enjoyed my one-liners!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Myself vs. Myself

I have opened my eyes for the first time in a long time.

If you guys remember the last two personal posts I have written, you may have noticed that I've been doing some reflecting when it comes to my past. I would say that this really started about three weeks ago, but moreso in the past two weeks. There have been some external reasons behind this, but mostly it is in regards to my sudden comeback in a social life. I have gone out and done things every weekend (and sometimes during the week) for a month now. That is a HUGE jump compared to the past 3 years (which was maybe getting out once a month). I have greatly missed being able to do this, and now that I'm getting back into it, I fear that it will go away.

I remember when I was 19 years old. I consider that one of the best years of my life. I was going to college, working at a gymnastics facility (and later a video store), and spending TONS of time with my friends. Other than my classes and work, I had no worries. I felt invincible, like I could do anything. I randomly dated guys (the only time in my life I really did that... I'm more of a relationship person). I was discovering the wild and spontaneous side of me. I participated in a wet t-shirt contest (didn't win, lol). I cruised down Noland Road for the hell of it. I even had one guy I dated just want to sit at home instead of getting out. What did I do? I made him go to a toy store with me.

Then I turned 20 and was pregnant a few months later. Yes, some of you read about the trials I went through in my marriage. But this isn't about that.

I love Truman. I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. I take pride in being his mom. But just being a parent in general (and a single parent at that) is starting to be a personal struggle for me. Yes, I chose to have Truman even though he wasn't planned. I accepted the responsibilities of taking care of him, but I had the support of his father (yep that shot to shit really fast). What I didn't expect to happen was to feel like I have missed out on things, like certain rites of passage that one needs to go through before having kids.

I look at some of my closest friends and see how the ones that are married with kids handle parenthood and a social life. For the most part, they are all about the family structure, but when they get out for a night, the kids the last thing that's on their mind. Ok, I admit, that's how I prefer it too. If I am not around Truman, I want to have adult conversation and to be able to do adult things, like drinking, cursing, and dating.

Then there are my friends who have not yet been married. They have a different kind of independence that I do. They can just hop in the car and make a road trip if they have a free weekend. They can make more commitments to a plethora of activities. They don't necessarily have to worry about someone else's well being in order to have a night out.

Last year, I remember thinking that whenever I get back into the dating world, that I would need to filter out potential guys. Guys with similarities to my ex-husband... RUN AWAY FAST! Guys that ask for blowjobs before they know my name... Hell no! Guys that are parents themselves... good, even idealistic. But does idealistic usually happen in the dating world? No.

After almost 3 years, I have returned to dating. I feel awkward. It's not because of who, but because I haven't been out there in so long that I don't know what to do or what to say most of the time. Add in the fact that I have a kid, and that can potentially scare someone away. It's a newfound fear that I have. I want to be seen as the individual I am, not as someone who has baggage.

I know I am my own person, and I personally believe that I'm unique. I also know that I am a parent. I am both of those people. The recent weeks have definately opened my eyes, for what exciting things I hope to come in my future, and my fears that having a kid is going to hold me back from being with someone that is compatible with me.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Post-It Pop Culture

I was reading an article about what will be happening on this season of Grey's Anatomy. The TV Guide article quoted about Meredith and her "Post-It husband" Derek. That got me thinking about all the times where I have seen Post-It's appear in my favorite shows and movies. I present to you a compilation of my findings!

Sex and the City: This is, to me, the most shocking use of a Post-It that I have ever seen. Carrie is trying to work things out with her boyfriend Jack Berger, whom she has not been dating very long. Berger goes away for a couple days to clear his head. When he returns (with a bouquet of pink carnations), he says he wants to work on their relationship. Watch how it unfolds:

And the angry aftermath...

A Post-It breakup is just as bad as getting dumped via text message (ask Taylor Swift, she knows...). Jack Berger, as insighful as you were discussing that sometimes "He's Just Not that Into You," you also have a very cowardly way to end a relationship.

Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion: Wow, ditsy girls trying to look impressive for their former classmates. What was their plan? To look like succesful business women and claim they were the ones that invented Post-Its. It worked, for a while. One of their classmates disproved them in front of the "popular" group.

At least I learned the formula for glue out of this totally stupid movie. Oh, and enjoyed cute clothing that the girls made themselves, lol

Grey's Anatomy: In the season five finale, Meredith and Derek try to find time to go to the courthouse and get married. But, in the tradition of the craziness the hospital brings, it's just not possible (yes, this is the episode where we realize that John Doe is George). So while sitting in the employee breakroom, they decide to write their vows on a couple of blue (something borrowed, also something blue- courtesy of Christina Yang) Post-Its.

Untraditional, yes. Thinking outside the box? Totally! But when in the history of Meredith and Derek has anything been predictable, or even traditional? This Post-It marriage was perfect for them as a couple!

Home Alone 3: A little boy named Alex is stuck at home with the chicken pox after Christmas break is over. A group of theives are retrieving a computer chip that is hidden in a remote control car, which Alex received from shoveling snow. Toward the end of the film, when Alex is looking for things to help deceive the bad guys, he finds a cardboard cutout of a naked girl. There are Post-its cleverly attached to her private parts.

This is what you call PG fun with Post-Its. And sadly, no Macauley Culkin.

I did try to see if the show "How It's Made" did one about Post-It's. Not yet. Maybe I should submit that as a suggestion for a future episode!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Is it Fall Yet?

One of the things I like about living in the Midwest is that I get to experience all four seasons. Rainy springs, hot and humid summers, cool and breezy falls, and cold and snowy winters. I like the variety, most of the time. As a kid, I considered winter to be my favorite time of the year. I loved playing in the snow and always anticipated having a snow day from school.

Then, I started high school. I spent my friday nights going to football games. I had sought out independence from my family to experience new things. I was suprising myself with what I truly loved and hated in life. I also came to the realization that I actually disliked winter... and it took me getting my driver's license to come to that conclusion.

Since then, my favorite season became fall. It's not just because I learned to hate driving in winter (did I just contradict my last statement? maybe, lol). I actually have several reasons for LOVING this time of the year. And I have compiled a list of those reasons.

Watching the leaves change colors: I am always amazed at how beautiful the trees look each year, especially the leaves that turn orange. Whenever I own a house, I must have a maple or birch tree, just for that reason alone. I also love taking scenic drives at this time. I cant get enough of the beauty that nature provides.

Football season: Ok, so I'm not one of those people that will be tailgating at the Chiefs games every week. Like I mentioned earlier, I spent my Fridays at high school games (yes that may have started because of my high school boyfriend being on the team, but it grew to be something I enjoyed going to with my friends). I also get the urge to play a little football myself. I did play powderpuff football my junior and senior year and would love to get with the girls to play again (except not flag football like the school deemed).

The smells of Fall: someone burning leaves in a field, traces of apple cinnamon, fresh air, caramel, fog machines (around Halloween), a new box of crayons (back to school recollections), even the rain!

Less Sunlight/Daylight Savings: I prefer it to get dark around 6 or 7. I like having dinner under a starry sky. I also like setting clocks back an hour. It just feels like you get more time in the day when you do that.

Halloween: Always a fun time! I visit dozens of stores just looking at costumes and supplies (and always wish I had more money to get more costumes). I trick-or-treated until the 8th grade (and I was a trick-or-treat bag that year-- used a lawn and leaf bag as my costume). To me, this is hands down the most creative holiday out there.... lots of endless possibilities.

Back to School: I was one of those kids who loved going to school. Getting new supplies each year, seeing my friends everyday, learning new things. I saw each year as a fresh start for fun and exciting things.

Tastes of Fall: apple cider, caramel, chili, cinnamon rolls, candy corn (and those mini pumpkins), a glass of wine (when sitting outside)

Horror movies: I watch them all the time, but when fall comes around, I have a significantly increased desire to watch a lot of them. Especially in October (Halloween, duh!).

Being outdoors: This is the time of year that I spend the most outdoors. Springtime gives me allergy issues. Summer is too hot to bear at times. So when September rolls around, I'm out of the house! Yes, I'll take a table outside at a restaurant. I'll go on walks (which I should be doing on a regular basis, lol). I will sit on the hood of a car at the drive-in instead of sitting in it (or a lawn chair). Bonfire? I'm there!

My Birthday: It normally falls the week before Thanksgiving. So before families get together and stuff their faces with food, I get to celebrate my day of birth!

Hoodies!!! and Jackets: I'm a huge sucker for wearing hoodies. I hate wearing winter coats, they always feel too bulky. Just give me a hoodie to put on over a t-shirt or tank top and I'm good! But when I'm trying to look nice, I'll put on a lightweight jacket :-)

Fall TV Schedule: For the few shows that I watch on a regular basis, I get excited for seeing new episodes. I also try to get a feel for any new series vying for an audience. That's how I fell for shows like Big Love and (back in the day) Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

As I impatiently await the days for fall to come, I will have this list to read over in anticipation for experiencing my favorite time of the year!

Oh yea.... 39 days until Fall!!!

Am I Weird???

Ok, there are many "names" that I label myself as an individual. For instance: movie geek, smart, hopeless romantic, optimistic, parent, bookworm, creative, passionate... to name a few. But do I label myself as being weird too??? I am going to compile a list of things about me that makes me question my "weirdness."

I am a female that does NOT have a shoe fetish. On average, I own less than 15 pairs of shoes. Half of them I don't even wear on a regular basis. But, I LOOOOOVE socks. I bet I have at least 100 pairs, all different colors and designs.

Collecting Things: Ok, whenever there is a movie that has sequels, I tend to collect them all. Even when I know that sequels generally suck compared to the original, I just HAVE to have it. Same goes with books, but books usually dont suck (in my opinion) so I feel fine with that, lol.

I have NEVER been drunk in my life: Yea, I think that pretty much explains it all...

My taste in music: It's eclectic. If you were to go through my IPod, you would find an interesting blend that includes Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Manson, Backstreet Boys, Journey, Eminem, Madonna, and Elton John. You'll also find some really bad one-hit wonders (Macarena, anybody?)

I didn't watch ET until I was 19: The first time I tried to watch this movie, I was about 3 or 4. Scared the crap out of me. I didnt like seeing his heart through his skin. Then, when I was 7 or 8, I was at a birthday party where everyone wanted to see it. I ran out of the room and refused to participate. Luckily everyone changed their mind about watching it. So when I was working at Blockbuster, I finally decided to give in and watch it (I mean, I was already calling myself a movie geek by that time). This is one of those times where I felt completely stupid for avoiding this movie, especially since it was 1. A great movie and 2. I've seen things 100 times scarier than ET's heart.

I proudly wore stone washed jeans to a high school theater lock-in: I felt like a rockstar when wearing said jeans.

My elementary school sandwich eating habit. Ok, from second grade to about fifth grade I had a method for eating my sandwiches. I would start from the top left corner and finish at the bottom right corner. I had to eat even numbered bites... HAD to. When I became a teenager, and looked back to this, I realized that this could have easily been OCD behavior. Um, wow....

I used to daydream that my parents would divorce and marry other people so I could have more birthday and Christmas celebrations: In reality I would be horrified if they divorced (and as I am writing this, I note that their 30th Anniversary is the next day).

I like the smell of thrift stores: You know what I'm talking about. That very distinct scent when you walk in the door.

Playing Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" during intimate moments messes with my head: Dont get me wrong, I love this song. It has a great message behind it. But, if I'm having some personal time with a significant other, I would keep this song out of the playlist. Why, you ask?? Um.... it makes me think of having a baby.

I check my horoscope every day: Yes, I take it with a grain of salt. But I like to see if what it says actually happens. I get suprised and kind of giddy when it is dead on.

Grimm's Fairy Tales:  I was raised a Disney brat. That's how I knew my fairy tales. Once I became a teen though, I discovered that those were toned down versions for the sake of not traumatizing children. So when I start reading Grimm's Fairy Tales, I am overjoyed. It's more realistic. Wow... blood and gore too! I prefer to read the original versions of things, which I why I proudly own my own copy of the Grimm brother's works (with gold embossed pages and all, hehe).

Hardwood floors: I enjoy hardwood floors. Sliding on them with socks in a Risky Business kind of way. Totally awesome. I even sometimes lay on my stomach and push with my feet against a door or wall to have a massive gliding experience. If you have hardwood floors you should try it, NOW!

My second grade klepto incident: In tradition of keeping young students on their toes, teachers like to change seating arrangements. I had been seated next to the bookshelf that had all the older textbooks on it. When I got bored, I would look at them. So when the desks were moved, I was on the other side of the classroom. On the last day of school I was too embarrased to put the books on the shelf. They ended up in my backpack. I dont think the school ever found out.

I buy only cheap purses: I have NEVER spent more than $15 on a purse. This makes me different compared to my mom and sister. I just don't see the point in going for a name brand bag with a price tag in the hundreds. Just give me a clearance rack at Kohl's or Target and I'll be happy!!!

I used to eat paper: Not really sure why I did... but I think I definately got enough fiber when I did!

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice: Ok, controversial topic. I am a believer in Pro-Choice. However, if it was me personally making that decision I wouldn't abort. If I am going to be sexually active, then I accept the responsibilities if I get pregnant. If I know beforehand that I am carrying a baby that will have mental disibilities, then I take it as a sign that I am meant to raise a child like that. If I was raped... still on the fence on what I would do there.

Ok, now that you have read this.... Am I Weird???

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Day In the Life of Casey....

Thursday August 12, 2010

8:11 am- I am stirring. I hear my Mom getting ready for work. I look at the clock and realize that I've had about 5 1/2 hours of sleep. I shift around in my bed and try to sleep a little more.

8:27am- I lose that battle.

8:28am- First text message of the day. It's from my friend Maria. She wants to get the kids together and go swimming. As I consider it, I notice my headache from the day before hasn't gone away (Grrrr.. stupid me for drinking caffiene after a week without any. But it was my favorite drink... lol).

8:32am- Take ibuprofen with water. Then chased it with orange juice.

8:41am- Turn on computer. Log into Facebook. Decided to start writing this blog.

8:52am- Chatting with 3 people on FB chat (Maria, Doug, Katrina).... two of them point out that I'm up early. My reputation for being a night owl is mocking me.

9:00am- Alarm clock goes off. Makes me jump. Feels embarrased that it scared me... then again, nobody else saw me jump, so maybe it didn't happen...

9:21am- Dad calls from Connecticut. Informs me that Mom is going to Paris in November for Worlds. I have momentary dislike for my mom.

9:55am- Realizes I was starting to nod off.

10:19am- Loses Internet connection (Nooooooooo......)

10:24am- Grabs cell phone and logs into Facebook. Sadly, I cannot get on FB chat this way. Boo.

10:30am- Turns on tv to watch music videos while lying in bed, just for a little bit.

11:52am- Realized I fell asleep. Sent text to Maria explaining that, cancel pool play date. Recalls very vivid dream that ends with a really tall black guy slowly bumping and grinding with me... Hmm....

12:10pm- Documented vivid dream to write into my dream journal later

12:20pm- Recieved EXTREMELY disturbing picture mail from my friend Katrina (too graphic to discuss, but male genitalia was involved...)

12:30 Watch Yo Gabba Gabba with Truman while eating a bowl of Raisin Bran. I shout out lines from "I'm on a Boat" when Andy Samberg makes appearance on the kids show (but only the "clean" lines since Truman was within earshot, lol)

12:55pm- Second disturbing picture mail from Katrina (another of genitalia, but funnier pic)

1:00pm- Get Truman and myself ready to leave the house. I decided on my hot pink Yo! Mtv Raps graphic tee and navy blue capris. Also sprayed Sun Ripened Raspberry body splash-- my scent of the day!

1:24pm- Leave house. Truman requests to hear "California Gurls."

1:35pm- Stop and get gas at Lakeview Deli in Grandview. Truman requests "Dont Stop Believing."

1:47pm- While crossing the state line on 435 WB, I spot a silver Mustang with an Autobot emblem on the back windshield. Truman says it's a Decepticon.... nope. Autobot.

1:59pm- Get to the eye doctor. Have text message convo with Jaymie while waiting for Truman's name to be called. Also updated Facebook status about Autobot car, hehe (yes, I am a geek).

2:40pm- Leave eye doctor. Truman is happy he didn't have to get eye drops. His vision has improved with wearing glasses! I decide to listen to a Beach Boys cd on the way home.

2:57pm- Home!!! And back in Air Conditioning!!!

3:07pm- I saw that my Grandma left voicemail. Listened to it.

3:13pm- Reboot modem so I can get on the Internet. It works. Work on this blog and poke around on Facebook. Tried Twitter.... kept getting the "over capacity" whale. Grr...

4:10pm-Truman and I leave to go to "Meet the Teacher" at his elementary school.

5:54pm- Back home. Truman loved his classroom. He got his new school t-shirt for the assembly next Friday, and a new book from his teacher, Mrs. Wilkinson. He did not want to leave (that made me happy that he's already comfortable there). Filled out some paperwork. Said hi to a few of the other parents. Truman tried to throw a fit when we were leaving, but that passed quickly. Mom calls and says she's not coming home after work.

6:00pm- Dinner. Leftover goulash that I made a couple nights ago. I didn't feel like cooking anything.

6:12pm- Back on the computer. Working on this blog. On Facebook, again... lol. Turn on tv to Mtv Hits to listen to music. Truman is happily playing with his toys in his room.

6:39pm- Truman takes my DVD of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to watch in his room (he must still be thinking about the Autobot we saw earlier today).

6:55pm- Adam Lambert's "If I Had You" music video is on. I turn on my surround sound. He's major eye candy to me! Yes, I know he's gay, but he's on my "list." Hehe....

7:01pm- 2nd phone call from Grandma today. Crap. I forgot to do her laundry.

7:06pm- 3rd phone call from Grandma. At the same time, Truman walks in wearing his Iron Man mask.

7:24pm- Eminem's "Stan" video!!! Still my favorite of his songs. I used to have a crush on Devon Sawa in my preteen/early teen years. *Bobs head to the beats and sings along

7:31pm- Decide to keep Eminem trend going. Goes to YouTube to play "Love the Way You Lie." I'm addicted to this song right now.

7:37pm- Clicks "Replay" button. Told you... addicted.

7:38pm- Text message convo with my friend Patrick.

7:45pm- Heads outside to water flowers and to let Truman play for a little bit.

8:15pm- Visit with Lori next door. Discussed "Meet the Teacher" night

8:20pm- Oh! It's Trash night. Gather up all the trash (and recycle bin) and put them at the curb.

8:36pm-Tells Truman it's time to go back inside. Gets a snack for him.

8:38pm- Decide to sort through/ organize Truman's school supplies (includes labeling, placing required items in schoolbox, bagging other items, packing backpack for Monday morning).

8:52pm- Grandma calls for the 4th time. Says she will call back later to see if my Mom is home yet.

9:40pm- Realizes how late it is. Tells Truman to get pajamas on and get ready for bed. He listens immediately.

9:45pm- Back online. Updating this blog (again). Getting on Facebook (again). See a pattern??? LOL

10:02pm- Deciding what time I will venture to the back deck to catch the Perseid Meteor Shower.

10:19pm- Mom gets home. With Olive Garden leftovers. Hoping there is salad so I can have it for lunch tomorrow. Yep, there is!

10:29pm- Screw it! Eats some of the salad. (In the words of Ke$ha... I'll regret it in the morning.... )

10:55pm- Have a moment of boredom. Take Boondock Saints quiz.

11:30pm- Getting ready to head outside to watch Meteor shower. Since I will be outside at Midnight, I am ending this blog. Now, when I go to bed.... that's for another day, lol.

Monday, August 9, 2010

"I Like the Way You Lie" on Facebook

Ok, so today I wrote a really long blog. However, I dont have it on here. I wanted to keep it private and allow only certain people to view it. So if you would like to read it, you need to have access to my facebook page.

The blog is about my abusive marriage.

Just post a comment on here or message me on facebook if you would like to be allowed access to read it.


I'm going to get a little more personal here.

I've had a lot of things happen to me the past three years. Some really good things and some not so pleasant. Getting out of an abusive marriage: was hard to do but the moment I did it, I never looked back. Getting fired from my job at Home Depot: totally unexpected but I knew and understood what I did wrong. Dad's bypass surgery: caught everyone (and my Dad) off guard. Being the strong female that I am, I was able to get through everything with a smile on my face.


There is one thing that I've been (for the lack of a bettter word) "dealing with" that has sent me through a wave of emotions and has made me sacrifice a lot of things. My Grandma.

After my Grandpa died in 2006 (6/6/06 to be exact.... creepy), my Grandma's health has gone down a steady decline. I had thought that being the couple that they were (get the image of Allie and Noah from The Notebook in your head) that when one of them died, then the other would be gone within a year. Yea, that didn't happen. But, two years ago her health took a pretty deep dive. She was told by her physician that she couldn't live alone anymore.

Sacrifice #1: Summer 2008
Since I had just been fired from Home Depot, I was conveniently available to stay over at my Grandma's about 3-4 times a week, with Truman in tow. It wasn't bad then. I just had to help her do some stuff around the house, help make meals and keep an eye on her in case she would have a possible fall. I was collecting unemployment at the time so I was able to have somewhat of a life at that time (but I was also going through my divorce and that was taking some of my time too).

Around Halloween 2008, I got hired at Cargo Largo. Some changes had to be made since I wasn't going to be as available to help out Grandma. It worked itself out, for a moment.

Sacrifice #2: 2009
The chain of events leading to my Grandma moving in with my Aunt and Uncle are fuzzy to me (so many back and forth from hospital to rehab to house messed with my head). I understand it was hard for my Grandma to leave her home. Hell, I might be that way too in 50-60 years. Grandma needed a lot of care. She could no longer cook, do most chores, and sometimes had trouble walking to the bathroom and back. I know it was a struggle for her to become completely dependent on others for everything (again that could be me in the future). At this time, I had no idea what I was in for. I was taking care of her most Fridays, every Sunday, and random days during the week. Most of the time, Truman was with me. After a while, I noticed that I was putting in a lot of hours there while also balancing a 40 hour a week job. Between the two commitments, I had no time for anything else. Goodbye social life. Try dating... how?

That summer was where I hit a low point.

My emotional stresses over taking care of my Grandma was reaching a boiling point. I was getting aggrivated at things I shouldn't have. Truman was getting tired of not being home. I had quit my job at Cargo Largo (between my Grandma and my Dad post-heart surgery I couldn't give them any availability to work).  I knew my Grandma was having issues with her memory. One day, she was getting argumentative with me about something like how long it had been since her sheets were changed or about one of my family member's supposed attitude toward her. She was trying to say I was wrong, and for some reason, I snapped. After yelling at her, I grabbed Truman and walked out the door. My uncle was pulling in at that moment and I think I said a short sentence to him before getting in my Jeep and leaving.

I turned around 1/2 a block later.

I vowed to never do that to my Grandma again, no matter how stressed I was over the situation.

Sacrifice #3: 2010
After my Grandma was in and out of the hospital and a couple nursing homes, she returned to live with my Aunt around Valentine's Day. My Mom and Aunt had a very nice, sitdown conversation with me about taking care of Grandma this time around. I came into this ordeal with a brand new attitude. I didn't want to make the same mistakes as last time. My Mom worked with me to get the opportunity to have a night out with my girlfriends every so often (even one time to go to a Twilight movie party with a good guy friend--- yea I know. Twilight). I was more attentive to my Grandma. I pushed her to do things, eat a better variety of food. It didn't bother me as much that I couldn't look for a job or hang out with my friends as often as I wanted.

Since late-May, my Grandma has been staying at an assisted living facility that's only five minutes from my house. I visit her 3-4 times a week and do her laundry when she runs out of clothes. About a month ago, my social life picked up significantly. Not only was I finding time to hang out with my girlfriends, but I found new friends as well (and, dare I say it? A possible new man). It makes me wonder that giving up some of my freedom the past couple years is paying off for me. Yes, that does sound selfish, but I have a life too. And I need to be starting it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Changes.... Big Changes

I am prepared for what's coming, but I am also not prepared. A new chapter in my life, but moreso Truman's life. In 11 days, Truman will be experiencing his first day of kindergarten.

It's a little surreal to me that I have a child old enough to be starting school. The past 5 years and 9 months have flown by. I have enjoyed watching him experience new things with amazement, from his first steps to his first word (car). Now he's going to be learning a whole world of new things.

I think it first hit me back in April, when pre-registration started. Walking into his elementary school for the first time reminded me of my days at Meadowmere Elementary (the school song and pledge still embedded in my mind to this day). I saw the excitement in Truman's eyes when he was looking at all the kid's projects in the halls, meeting his Principal, and seeing a few random classrooms with desks and chairs just his size.

Since then, I've been working with Truman to get prepared for kindergarten. The school gave out a list of things that he should know prior to his first day. When I was reading the list, I discovered he knew everything on it, except for his address and telephone number. Ok, easy stuff. He's got his address down now, but not his number, lol.

I've also been working on his bedtime. I'll admit that I've been lazy about a set bedtime since he was a baby. He's become accustomed to being a night owl like his mommy. Since his week at Vacation Bible School, he's been getting up in the morning compared to almost noon. He's not quite to what will become his normal wakeup time, but a vast improvement.

This weekend, we will be going to get his school supplies. Yes, this is the state's tax-free weekend. Yes, I expect it to feel like shopping on Black Friday. Why am I doing it? To save money. I've already walked around a couple places with Truman, getting price estimates and asking him what kind of backpack he wants (Iron Man--- I'm trying to steer him away from that, like going for Toy Story or Spongebob-- more age appropriate for a kindergartner). I always loved getting new school supplies as a kid, so I would be pleased to see him get excited about it too.

Now I said that this would be a change for me too, and it is. I will see Truman a lot less everyday. I will also be saving money on daycare expenses, but that could even out because I'm replacing that with groceries to make his lunch and buying his lunch from time to time, plus other school related expenses. And, being a single mom, I'm going to be doing this alone since the ex has proved countless times his unwillingness to help. With that said, my parents have always been supportive and, if needed, I can fall back on them.

Since Truman will be in class, I will have a lot more "me" time. I will be more available for getting together with friends and loved ones, take myself to lunch or a movie, and get myself back into school. I haven't been back to college since the week before Truman was born and would really like to complete my degree. Once I get the financial part squared away, I'll be enrolling.

So, for now, Truman and I are enjoying these last days. Here's to the start of a new, exciting change....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dinner with the Deceased...

I've been thinking all day of what I should blog about next. Lots of different things popped up into my head, but none that I could spend a good amount of time writing about. Then, I grabbed one of my many journals laying around in my room (signs that I am a writer--- I have kept everything I have ever written). So this journal I grabbed holds silly lists of things. Things like "TV Shows I've seen every single episode" and "Fictional Characters I would date/marry." One list in particular stuck out tonight, and here I go.

If I were to have a dinner party, which deceased people would I invite to join me???

(And no, this isn't some advertising ploy to see the movie Dinner for Schmucks. Which I do in fact want to see-- my movie geekness crept out, lol)

Here we go!

1. Leonardo daVinci

A painter, musician, sculpter, inventor, architect, scientist, geologist, writer... good Lord he did a lot! A man this talented deserves to be at any dinner party! I have always been highly fascinated by people who expand their creativity to all aspects of their lives and Mr. daVinci is definately one of them! I would just sit and listen to all his stories, his ideas, how he painted this, why he invented that, what inspires him. And I would milk it all in!

2. William Shakespeare

Anyone that really knows me knows how much of a Shakespeare nut I am. I even write poems in perfect iambic pentameter (and very proud of that). I love that he wrote some of the best romances, the funniest comedies and the most dramatic plays out there. For being an aspiring writer myself, I would be extremely honored to be in his prescence.

3. Harry S. Truman

Come on! I'm a Kansas City girl. I need local representation at my dinner party. This is one of the few former presidents I actually take a personal interest in. My prerequisite before speaking to him at the dinner party would be for me to finally read David McCullough's biography on Mr. Truman (which is conveniently sitting on my bookshelf). Oh, and I have to make sure that I tell him that my son is someone indirectly named after him, hehe.

4. Vincent Price

I hold him in high regards in the horror industry. I have not watched all of his works (yet) but have always been fascinated with how his mind worked. I feel some sort of odd connection with him, and I blame it on his cameo rap in Michael Jackson's "Thriller." It would be amazing to hear stories of the film industry from his peak in fame. Fascinating man.

5. Johnny Carson

I grew up watching his shows with my parents, especially around my Grandma and Grandpa Savory. I always saw him as a very simple, happy man. Everybody could tell he absolutely loved what he did in life. He was one of the true showmen. No other late night personality can live up to his standards, they just cant. I would expect lots of laughter at the dinner party.

6. Michael Jackson

For some reason, his death hit me like no other celebrity out there. I was truly stunned. I was only a few weeks old when "Thriller" first premiered on MTV. I remember watching the premiere of "Black or White" during my crush on Macaulay Culkin days (yes, the Home Alone kid). Forget about all the child molestation charges and things like that. I saw him as a great artist and performer. That's all that mattered to me.

7. Jesus Christ

I've spent a great deal of my life looking for what I truly believe in when it comes to religion. Who better than to have him at the dinner party to help me understand things???

I hope this list was enjoyable. I really had a good time writing about everyone mentioned. Now to make this dinner party a reality... that's a totally different story, LOL.