Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Music Tuesday: Bush, RHCP, Avril Lavigne, and More!!!

Happy Tuesday everybody! I hope you are all doing well. I know I have been enjoying the gorgeous weather Kansas City has had to offer the past week. When I have been indoors, particularly at work, I have been keeping myself satisfied with new music and hits that I had forgotten about over the years. As far as new music goes, I have a handful of songs and videos to share with you this week. Please, enjoy!

Bush "The Sound of Winter"

New music from Gavin Rossdale & Co. I am in love. :-)


I could compare NEEDTOBREATHE's vocals to Mumford & Sons, but the accompanying music is more pop sounding. I enjoy the combination and will be looking into other music of theirs I found on YouTube.

Red Hot Chili Peppers "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie"

I first heard this song a couple weeks ago, while at work. I love the familiarity of hearing a RHCP song... they just have their own unique style that's immediately recognizable. I know that some of their videos are absolutely awesome but I love that they went low key with this one. It helps introduce the new music to their fans. This is a really good song!

Scars on 45 "Heart on Fire (Grey's Anatomy version)"

Grey's Anatomy (one of my favorite shows) not only grips audiences with stories of strange medical cases and a lot of sex, but it has also made an impact in the music industry (example: Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars). I hope Scars on 45 benefits from their song featured in the show (and on the latest soundtrack, which came out today) because they are talented :-)

Avril Lavigne "Wish You Were Here"

It seems, to me, that her marriage coming to an end worked well toward a new album. Anyone that's had their heart broken can relate to this song, especially at the beginning of a breakup (where all your thoughts are consumed with the other person). Love, and loss, can produce some pretty powerful emotions....

And this concludes New Music Tuesday. Stay tuned for next week's blog!

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