Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 And All It's New Experiences

Another year has come and gone... and 2011 had a lot in store for me. I had a lot of new things that I did over the past 365 days. Compared to the blog I wrote back in 2010, I did a lot more new things... and opened up to a lot of new experiences, socially. I hope you enjoy reading what I have done over the past year, because I certainly did!
-Purchased a lottery ticket (I couldn't resist trying to win $355 million, even if I didn't win anything that night)
-Drank Irish Ale (Boulevard) in an Irish Pub (Kelly's in Westport)... my ancestors would be so proud of me!
-Wore a corset. It was black and hot pink, from Torrid (hotness) and I showed it off at the Rocky Horror Picture Show (with a lot of good reaction, hehe) :-)

-Ate prime rib (courtesy of a coworker that mixed up 2 rib dinners with prime rib)

-Had an article published by a Kansas City newspaper (It was for The Pitch and it was on their Wayward music blog)
-Ate gumbo (on Fat Tuesday... how appropriate, hehe)
-Attended a movie pre-screening (Kevin Smith's Red State- followed by a Q&A session)
-Went to a convention (Planet Comicon) featuring comic books, Star Wars, and other various geek stuff :-)
-Had a published article that included quotes from a local celebrity (radio personality Kelly Urich, for the Kansas City Pitch)

-Witnessed a coworker get fired (yeah, that sucked)
-Performed in the shadow cast for the Fishnets and Floorshows production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (as Magenta)

-Visited an erotica house (I thought I was going to a birthday party for a friend, who did not specify to me what kind of house it was. For the record, this particular place wasn't actually that bad, meaning that it was very clean and comfortable- not dirty)

-Started couponing when grocery shopping (I'm not talking about a coupon here or there, I mean combining sales and coupons to get mega deals with a small budget)
-Learned how to dance on a stripper pole (at Club Monaco for a friend's birthday party- with another friend teaching me some simple tricks)

-Pushed for a promotion and earned it (from EXPO/food runner to server at a grill and bar)

-Became a director (co-director) of a show/production- Kansas City's Fishnets and Floorshows (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

-Attended a divorce party
-Had a (recent) ex-boyfriend become obsessive/stalker-like after a breakup, which led me to having to remove him from all social networking connections

-Participated in a walk in support of a good cause- Zombie Walk for Hunger. Dressed as a zombie fairy.

-Purchased tickets for a concert just hours before the event began (Yo Gabba Gabba! Live for my son and myself)
-Considered poly amorous relationships
-Gave a guy my phone number without having to be asked for it beforehand. :-)
-Ate Korean food (and it was on my birthday!)
-Bought a case of beer for myself (New Belgium Snow Day Ale... best winter/seasonal drink, in my opinion)

-Fell in love with someone in less than two months (although we had been friends for over 14 years)

And... that pretty much sums up my year of new things. Happy New Year everyone!!!! I plan on having a great 2012 and I hope you guys look forward to a great year to come. :-D

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