Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Music Tuesday: Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" Plus the Grammy's

Hello Tuesday. While some of you might be recovering from Valentine's sugar highs, I am happy and ready to share with you the song I've been waiting for months to hear plus a summary of the Grammy Awards that aired on Sunday night. I posted a lot of tweets during the show, but since I know many of my readers don't follow me there, I am more than happy to share some of my "finer" observations of the evening.

Lady Gaga "Born This Way"

It finally happened. After hearing a teaser for this single at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, I finally get to hear the entire song. And holy hell... was it over-hyped! I can understand this kind of promotion for an album, but for just a song? It can be a bit much. Lady Gaga isn't the only one... Britney Spears is doing the same thing. Anyway, back to Gaga.

The song has an excellent message. God doesn't hate. He made us all unique individuals and we all need to harness that love in ourselves. The lyrics make me curious if the Westboro Baptist Church had anything to do with the inspiration of this song. Why? Well, when Gaga performed in Kansas City and St. Louis, she was graced with the infamous protesters. I remember reading her tweets over the commotion and it would make sense if she used that to write a song about love and tolerance.

When reading responses for her single, I came across a tweet by Chris Daughtry that mentioned how much the song sounded like Madonna's "Express Yourself." He's right, and not the only one who caught that. However, once I read that, I couldn't get Madonna's song out of my head, despite listening to Gaga's song over a dozen times. To sum things up: I really like "Born this Way," but I don't think it's her best song. I still have mad love for "Bad Romance."

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards

Oh, the Grammy's... sometimes a popularity contest, other times it acknowledges the artists that really deserve the awards. This year was a blend of both. I'm not going to do a full review like I have with other awards shows, especially since I missed the first hour of the Grammys. I will share everything I posted on Twitter while watching the show (with a few random commentary bits). I added a couple of the performances for your viewing pleasure:

-What the fuck is Cee Lo Green wearing??? (responses to others: Primary colored peacock goodness, Upstaging Lady Gaga) (The performance was good)
-Anyone else notice how much John Mayer looks like Johnny Depp? #Wannabe
-Is this part two of "Love the Way You Lie? #EminemAndRihanna #LoveIt
-Yes!!! Bieber didn't win Best New Artist! (Congrats to Esperanza Spalding)
-*Sigh* Somehow I knew that one of the Glee castmates would have their own album. Didn't think it would be Matthew Morrison though
-That Red Riding Hood trailer didn't do justice to the full length one I watched weeks ago #GrammyCommercial
-First Cee Lo Green, now Nicki Minaj #GagaFashionCopycats (One of my friends though she looked like a Q-Tip)
-Yes!!! Go Eminem!!! #BestRapAlbum
-Diddy attempting to read the teleprompter = fail

-Ooh! Double dose of Rihanna! I wish she would perform S&M #ItIsAfter10
-I'd do her ;-) (in response to how hot Rihanna was when performing with Drake)
-"The song otherwise known as Forget You" #FuckYou #CeeLoGreen
-"Love the Way You Lie" should have won Record of the Year (Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now" won)
-Ah, got a Jason Segel fix. He's on my "List" #Drools (replied "I would marry that man!" in response to a Tweet about how many women were drooling over him)
-Are you kidding me???? Arcade Fire wins Record of the Year? No... just no. *I was mean about this because of their performance prior to winning this award... it was not very good. But, the performance after was a lot better. I still think Eminem or Lady Gaga should have won Record of the Year.

I watched the Grammys. I tweeted. I'm done. LOL

Now, time for me to do some research for next week's blog! If anyone has any songs that they think I need to share, please feel free to contact me in whatever way that you do. I always welcome new music sources!!!


  1. I must say I love Lady Gaga's album cover, lol. Her song is over-hyped yes, but then again its Lady Gaga. If more people (especially Christians) would get the message of this song the world would be a bit better. Cee-lo's outfit was a blatant attempt to try to upstage Lady Gaga. There is no other credible explanation. Especially considering her womb looked like an egg and he was dressed as a giant muppet war bird. The Grammys were fun though. I wish I had seen more of them but I was sating my 3 week absence of Animation Domination absence. I needed my fix!

  2. Rhianna's legs are freaking INSANE!

    Cee Lo's performance was an homage to Elton John.

  3. Elton John huh? Now it makes sense :-)