Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Blog Award? For Me?? Sweet.

So, my dear friend from high school, Aggy, has given me a blog award. The "Stylish Blog Award." How very exciting for me!!! In honor of this, I am supposed to show my appreciation by telling my readers seven things about myself.

**Hey... I've needed to write something personal about myself for a while now. Might as well take advantage! **

1. I have wanted to get a tattoo since I was about 16 years old. That's when I decided that I would get a panda (my favorite animal) but I haven't chosen the exact design that I want. Once I find one, I will wait at least six months to make sure that I can live with that decision. Then, I have no idea where I would want it. Near a shoulder blade? Maybe. One of my hips? Possibly. I'll figure it out someday, LOL

2. I have never, ever mowed the grass. My Dad always mows the lawn at home and my-ex husband did when we were married. Of the few times where I would have had to do it myself, someone seemed to have stepped up before I did. For example, after my Dad had bypass surgery, I was going to take care of the lawn. However, two of our neighbors took turns in taking care of it until my Dad started doing it again. I'm not against mowing the lawn, but maybe someday I will find myself behind the mower.

Oh, and sitting on my Grandpa's lap when I was a toddler doesn't count... even if the grass was actually getting cut when bonding with him :-)

3. I have been thinking about signing up for Burlesque classes. Being involved in The Rocky Horror Picture Show has introduced me to a lot of people involved in burlesque. Back in December, I talked with a woman who teaches Beginning Burlesque with the Kansas City Cabaret and expressed my interest in signing up. At the time, my work schedule prevented me from it, but since that is changing (and I will be making more money) I am going to see what I can be available to do.

I already have a stage name... Sunshine Daydream. :-)

4. I love having a lot of color in many aspects of my life. If you look in my closet or dresser, you will see a lot of color variety. If I go clothes shopping, I tend to look for colors I might be lacking. Earlier this year, I purchased a dark yellow tank top, hot pink panties, dark blue jeans, emerald green panties, Irish knee-high socks, a bright purple tank top, and two black work t-shirts... all because I was lacking those colors in my wardrobe (okay... a couple were more about necessity, but the color thing still applies, LOL).

5. I have painted my fingernails and toenails less than five times in my life. It's just one of those girly things that I never got into. When I did, they were always either dark colors (blue, purple) or one of those silver or gold accents.

6. I've started couponing. The main reason for doing so is not to hoard hundreds of sticks of deodorant or condiments, but to be able to save as much money as I can with a very small income. Since my hours were cut twice in June, I was down to having significantly low paychecks every two weeks. Using coupons, combining them with in-store sales, and investigating which stores allow double coupons have resulted in some pretty awesome deals for me. I've always been about saving money, but this really helps out when times get tough.

7. I really, really REALLY want to attend a gay wedding. I could even go as far as be part of the wedding party. With more states allowing gay marriage, I hope to see that trend continue so I can see some of my friends get the chance to celebrate the day in front of friends and family :-)

And now, to give shout outs to seven other blog writers that I feel are worth reading (in no particular order)...

1. My buddy Valorie, who was inspired to blog because of me (hey, she said it!) and has already written a great entry that combines hilarity with something we all can relate to.
2. TOAR aka Thoughts of a Randomista. She writes some blogs that are hilarious, others that get me thinking about my childhood and teen years, and can do a good serious minded blog. I never know what I'm going to find next on her blog.
3. Uncovering Pamela- a social network buddy/ fellow KC native that writes about the struggles of weight loss and of her life
4. Single Dad Laughing- a hilarious and heartwarming blog by a single father living in Utah (I have posted several of his entries on my Facebook from time to time)
5. Darnack, another social network buddy of mine that started blogging because of me. He's definitely a nerd and a gamer, and happily expresses those things through his writing.
6. Nicole Alicia, another Kansas City woman (like myself) who blogs about a lot of different things.
7. And, of course, Aggy herself, who not only was the reason behind this blog, but she is a brilliant writer and does great illustrations with her blog entries (not to mention I did a guest blog for her last month).

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