Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Music Tuesday: A Few Indie Rock Artists, Gavin DeGraw, Gym Class Heroes, Cobra Starship and DJ Khaled

Well, summer is definitely here. Most of the country is suffering high temperatures, heat advisories, and little precipitation. Kansas City is no exception. My fellow residents and I will be suffering the heat all week and seeking out a lot of quality time at the pool or in air conditioning. It's just miserable, but no different than any other summer. For those staying indoors like myself, please enjoy several new music videos while drinking lots of water and refreshments!

Cults "Go Outside"

I posted the song several months ago, hoping the video was just around the corner. Oh well, it's here now! Some of you may recognize the song from television commercials. I like how they used old news footage and other footage (from the late 1970's) to make their video. It makes the nostalgic feel more unique. :-)

The Wooden Birds "Two Matchsticks"

I am really getting into Indie Rock lately. This song is peaceful, yet upbeat and makes me want to nod my head along to the music. The video is very unique. I love how the candle wax transforms the logs into animate objects. There are times I'm so focused on the video that I am not paying attention to the song. Very pleasing to the eyes and ears!

Faded Paper FIgures "METROPOLIS"

The first thing I noticed about the song was how it reminded me of the music in the children's show Yo Gabba Gabba. Add the robotic individual surrounded by people, and I got that same feeling toward the tv show. Then, when the robot goes to work, I think about the movie Office Space (that movie will always make me think of cubicles differently). Overall, I really like this song and the video is entertaining :-)

Gavin DeGraw "Not Over You"

I fell in love with this song from the first verse. I'm happy that Gavin is back with new, and really awesome music! The video is very sweet. I like seeing the video played out in a split screen, between Gavin and the women of his interest. I cannot wait to hear this song on regular rotation on the radio!!!

Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine "Stereo Hearts"

Another split screen format video, but this one is much more entertaining! I love how Gym Class Heroes and Adam Levine collaborated to make such a beautiful and catchy song! I did catch the Katy Perry reference that Travie McCoy made in the lyrics, but what better therapy to put his pain in his lyrics? I love seeing the lyrics in the video. Not only will I be learning the lines easier, but they were executed in an artful and fun way. This song is awesome and perfect for the end of summer.
Cobra Starship feat. Sabi "You Make Me Feel..."

I like the idea of going to a club and taking pics in a photo booth describing how you feel that night. For two people to find each other through using the same descriptive word was sweet. I recommend paying attention to the random people getting their pictures taken... you may see some cameos (*cough* Robin Williams *cough*). The song is also sweet, and one to easily find yourself dancing to in a club.

DJ Khaled feat. Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne "I'm On One"

Before I discuss the song/video, I need to point something out. Why is there this mega trend with rap artists constantly collaborating with each other on multiple tracks? I like all the artists, but to see more collaborative singles than of singles featuring an individual artist is starting to get a little ridiculous. End rant.

I thought this song was pretty catchy. I loved Drake's lines the best, especially about the mixed drinks. The video is okay... nothing really special about it. I'll stick with the song.

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