Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Attack of the Chick Flicks!!!

Chick flicks.... the movies that women hope become a reality to them at some point. I've seen my fair share of these films, and yes, there are moments where I get all mushy for the passion I see on the screen. The movies hone on the emotional connection and will always have an audience. These are also some of the most predictable films out there, but sometimes you need something basic and easy to follow.

The Holiday:

I love, love, LOVE this movie! There's romance, movie geekness, and parenting. I can totally relate to Graham. He feels he needs to "compartmentalize" his life between socialization/dating and taking care of his two little girls. Just the struggle to eventually mesh the two worlds together can be chaotic, and I thought it was excellent that this was part of the movie. Oh, and the fact that Amanda and Miles both work in the movie industry, and Iris's love for movies.... totally awesome. If I could turn my life into a movie, this one will definately be considered!

Chasing Amy:

You know you truly love someone when you go against everything you thought you knew and break through your own boundaries for that person. Alyssa knew she was gay but fell for Holden anyway. Holden struggled with Alyssa's experimental sexual past but tried to understand, even go as far as trying to broaden his own experiences (even though it failed miserably). This is, by far, my favorite Kevin Smith film. I can completely relate to it and dream of having a guy like Holden someday...

He's Just Not that Into You:

A chick flick that is pretty damn realistic! I know of several guys that really liked this one because of that. There aren't all those predictable cliches that you see in other films. It was also nice to follow all the couples separately and see how they intertwined with one another. And yes, all the advice that Alex gives to Gigi is true. And to think that this movie (and book) would not have been possible if not mentioned by Jack Berger in Sex and the City :-)

Sex and the City-The Movie:

The fabulous four, the fashion, the city.... oh how I was so happy when this came out! I was there at the Midnight showing expecting amazement... and got it! This movie was definately touching the dark side of life.... how to bounce back after 10 years (off and on) with the same guy who couldn't make it to the alter the day of the wedding. It was heartbreaking and yet you applauded Carrie for getting her life back as quickly as she did and realizing things that she had done that contributed to what Big did. This one definatly kept the charm of the series (now the sequel on the other hand.... I'd call that a "hot mess").

My Big Fat Greek Wedding:

I've always had this fascination with Greek culture, so to see this movie about a Greek family was pretty cool. They are wild, loud, love food, and there's always some excuse to get together and celebrate something. If I could sum up this movie, it's that even though you can't pick your family, they will support you with whatever makes you happy in life and in love.

The Prince and Me:

A girl going to college falls in love with a guy that happens to be a Prince. Sounds like a dream come true! What I loved about this movie is that it wasn't some brainless girl that got the guy. It was someone who was agressively trying to get into medical school and had several ambitions for her life. Her independence also was brought up between them because if she chose to follow her heart, she would have to sacrifice her ambitions for a career. It was very realistic compared to other "fairy tale" type of stories. Plus, you have to enjoy the simple joys in life, like tractor racing!

Catch and Release:

You know... it would really suck to have your fiance pass away the weekend you were supposed to marry him. Then to make some major changes, like moving in with his roommates and finding out that he was supporting a child that lived out of state. I liked seeing how each of the characters coped with the death, especially when Sam overdosed on pills and bounced back. Next time I go to Colorado, I need to take more time appreciating the beauty of the state... so mesmerizing.


Blended families are definately part of the normal thing nowadays, and this movie does an excellent job of showing the good and the bad when there is divorce and remarriage. Throw in the many unexpected things that life throws at you, and you have a movie that everybody can relate to and appreciate. Yes, this movie can be a real tearjerker at the end (although I never actually cried), especially with the scene between Isabel and Jackie at the restaurant.

The Notebook:

Nicholas Sparks... nuff said. *And I have mentioned in previous blogs... I would love to have this kind of strong, loving relationship.*

You've Got Mail:

Yes, I have met guys over the world wide web. I have found that it is a good way to connect with people, then when you finally meet them in person, you have an ease or comfort that you wouldn't get compared to a blind date. For both Joe and Kathleen to be opposing forces in the professional world and end up falling in love with each other is cliche, yes, but you have to admit that it melts your heart when she realizes that it was him all along.

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  1. You know, I'm not a fan of chick flicks... but EVERYONE loves the Notebook!!! :)