Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm Just a Sweet Transvestite, from Transexual Transylvania....

Yea.... I've been dancing to that since I was in diapers. Seriously, I have.

I was raised by parents who went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show every Friday and Saturday night, twice a night. They've seen the show with an audience over 200 times... not kidding. Growing up, I always knew when the movie was on television. My Dad or Mom would crank up the volume as loud as they could, and I would run into the room, do the Time Warp, and return to whatever I was doing (part of that had to do with the fact that they wouldn't let me see the entire film until I was old enough to understand what was going on).

Naturally, I've been a fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show my entire life. With that said, I didn't realize until I was in high school that it was a cult film. I guess that's what happens when raised by Rocky Horror enthusiasts... which isn't a bad thing at all. When I was involved in theater, I found other people my age who were into the film as well, even attending a Halloween party where I was handcuffed to my friend Janis while watching the movie. Oh, fun times indeed!!


I was still a "virgin" until my mid-twenties.

For those with extremely confused looks on their faces (Wait, she can't be a virgin, she has a kid!), a "virgin" in Rocky Horror terms means someone who has not seen the movie with a live audience and a floorshow. When I wanted to go to a live showing as a teen and my early twenties, I didn't have the opportunity because the Kansas City area shows were no longer active. However, that changed a couple years ago... and it was someone I actually know that brought it back.

I had my first real Rocky Horror experience on July 17, 2010.

Being that I was a virgin, I had to be initiated. I will not give out the details... that's supposed to remain a secret ("What Happens at Rocky Horror"... yeah, you get the picture). Then, there is the discussion of the prop bags and when to use each prop during the film. Cool... have to do that sometime. Then the film starts.

Now, this is an audience participation event, as well as a floorshow. Many obsceneties will be shouted out throughout the movie. I already knew a few of them... when you see Brad, you yell "asshole!" When you see Janet, "slut!" Those are some of the universal comments. Each show and each theater is different... you don't always know what you will hear. Personally, I was amazed at how creative some of the "shout outs" were.... references from The Princess Bride, Star Trek, Star Wars, Rainbow Bright, and even recent pop culture news (like Mel Gibson's career and Gary Coleman in a casket).

Now, about the floorshow. There are a group of actors that play the characters from the film. They dress up and use props when needed. I don't know if it's just me, but when going to the show, you pay more attention to the floorshow than you do the movie screen. Everyone in the floorshow dresses up for their roles... and accurately. My favorite costume is the sparkly outfit worn by Columbia... I applaud Rachel (who normally plays her) for finding the right pieces!

I was extremely pleased with my first Rocky Horror experience, so much that I've gone to every show since then! The second time I attended, I brought two "virgins" with me, one of them (my friend Katrina) had not seen the movie either, so it was definately a first time experience for her! My mom also came that time, however, it's been so long since she's gone that she didn't know half the references the audience was saying. I guess that's what happens when a younger generation takes control of the show (hehehe). I have also started dressing up for the shows (80's night in September and I wore fishnets last weekend for the October showing).

I am really excited for next week.... the Halloween showing!! I am ready to see lots of costumes (and yes I will have one on as well) and enjoy what will be my 5th Rocky Horror experience. I still have a long way to go to reach my parent's record... but I can do it! At this rate.... you'll probably see me join the Fishnets and Floorshows cast. And yes, I am seriously considering it!

For those interested in the Kansas City shows:  and

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