Monday, October 11, 2010

My "Must Watch" Halloween Movies and Specials

Last night, I really got into the Halloween mood. It was clouding up outside, the temps were dropping, and I popped in a horror movie. Today, I was going to go outside and decorate the front of the house with Halloween stuff, but it's been raining all morning (and part of the afternoon). So instead, I decided to come up with several of the movies and specials that I try to watch each year to keep myself in the Halloween mood for the rest of the month. Maybe I can get a few others to get bitten by the "Halloween spirit," hehe.

Michael Jackson's Thriller

You can't have a proper Halloween without Thriller. Seriously. Words cannot even come close to the love and bond I have with this song and video. I listen to it all year round just for it's pure awesomeness. Oh, and you have to love Vincent Price's rap. Bravo for MJ for getting him involved in this song... it wouldn't be the same without him.

Garfield Halloween

As a kid, this was the scariest Halloween program ever. Even today, I still get a little bit of a chill when watching it. You can't get programs like this nowadays (believe me, I know... I am a parent after all). This is why I feel blessed to be a child of the 80's.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Wow... a movie you can watch at Halloween and at Christmas (not to mention one of the few Tim Burton films WITHOUT Johnny Depp). I just love the beauty of this film; it mesmerizes me every time I see it. I do catch myself humming or singing the songs from time to time (and recently fell in love with the Fall Out Boy version of "What's This"). I also had the opportunity to meet Ken Page (the man who voiced the Oogie Boogie Man) when going to college in St. Louis. He was an alumnus of Fontbonne and came back to direct Godspell that fall. Very cool guy.


Ok, I know. Another Tim Burton film. But come on! It's an awesome one... one that I catch myself watching every time it's on television. I can't look at minature models of towns without referring to this film, lol. I honestly wish Tim Burton would go back to the late 80's/ early 90's and realize that his films had a lot more quality back then, and then get back there (except that Big Fish and Sweeney Todd were excellent recent films of his). Oh, sorry I got the Banana Boat song stuck in your head...

Roseanne: Halloween Edition

A couple birthdays ago, my Mom gave me a Roseanne DVD with all of the Halloween episodes. I love it! This is what you call a creative family! Watching these always inspire me to go all out when decorating for Halloween. Whenever I become a homeowner, I will have my dining room and living room completely decked out for the entire month of October. I also try to "think outside the box" with costumes like they do. I can never get a good enough idea, but one of these days I will.


I still remember sitting in the movie theater watching this for the first time. I wanted to live in a house like that (and would probably jump at the opportunity even today). I was a preteen then, and Devon Sawa was one of my first celebrity crushes. The dancing scene still makes me smile. You also have to appreciate the Ghostbuster's cameo in the beginning :-)

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Ah, the Peanuts gang. You cant have a holiday without them having a special. This one isn't my favorite Peanut's special but still enjoyable for the season. Poor Charlie Brown, he got a lot of rocks in his bag. And seriously... who has rock lying around for kids??? Strange people....

Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

This one should not be a suprise to anyone that's known me since I was in junior high. The Backstreet Boys were my boys back then... and seeing this for the first time was one of the most exciting things for me as a teen. I can still do (almost) all the dance moves in the video, hehe. *As I am typing this, I am putting my copy of the CD single in my DVD player to blast loudly*

I know there are some of you reading this wondering "Where are all the slasher flicks and horror movies? There are none on here!" That list I am saving for another rainy day....


  1. hehehe! I used to have the biggest crush on Devon Sawa. I wrote him geeky little girl letters. :)

  2. I never wrote letters, but I did have posters of all my crushes on my doors and walls, had binders full of pics, and calenders. Yes, I was a damn teeny bopper.

  3. As I read through this post I am agreeing and smiling then I get to the bottom. Just when I am really starting to like you, you have to go and bring the Backstreet Boys into it. I will try to get past this, after all you ARE a female and females love the boy bands. Oh and Rocky Horror Picture Show is missing from your list!

  4. Yes, I was into the whole boy band thing... but at least you liked the rest of the list!!! And, yes, Rocky Horror is not on here. It should be, but I had a couple other blogs about it, so I omitted it so I would have some different videos for my readers :-)