Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Epic Failures and Embarrassing Moments, Part II

Since my last blog on this subject was entertaining, here are some more stories of the moments in my life that made my cheeks redden.

-I went to prom junior year with my friend Kress. We had a blast that night. The after party was at the Eastglen 16 theaters in LS. Kress, his friend Brent, and I decided against watching a movie (yes, big shock... I passed on watching a movie). Why? Karaoke. Kress and Brent did a bunch of rock songs (Korn, Limp Bizkit, and others). Then they decided it was my turn and they already told the karaoke dj what song I would be performing. Great. I have no idea what I'm about to sing. It turns out that it's Britney Spears "Oops... I Did It Again." Of course they would pick one of her songs for me. I think I did a decent job, and I recall laughing a couple times.
So about a week goes by and I find out that the karaoke company posted pics on the website of the after party. I decided to browse the site and... found myself mid-performance. This is the moment when I remember the company was taking pics of everyone that participated. I decided not to share this site with anybody, which back then was easy to do since this was before the days of Facebook and MySpace. But maybe I need to look up this company... they could be using my pic. Yikes!

-I hated gym in elementary school. It was just not so fun for me... especially since our coach made us run when we were not listening. But, I had a rather clumsy incident in the 3rd grade. We were dribbling a basketball across the gym and back, first with our right hand, then with the left hand. Although I am a lefty when I write, I'm a righty when it comes to playing sports. I lose control of the basketball when dribbling with my left hand and start to chase after the ball. I end up slamming into the concrete wall face first. My glasses get bent at the bridge. I think I was sent to the nurse's office since I had a little cut by my right eye and it was bleeding a little. No stitches... it wasn't that bad. I think I just bruised my ego more than anything that day.

-In the 7th grade, I was sitting in English class when I notice that a few of my classmates are talking about drinking beer. I try to act cool and involve myself in the conversation. I remember my classmate Jothan asking me how much I've had to drink and I think I told him like one or two beers, but that I wasn't an alcoholic or anything. For the rest of that semester, he would tease me about being an alcoholic... and every time I had wished I kept my mouth shut.

-Ah, freshman hazing. I was a victim of this rite of passage. I was in English class when a senior (Matt Brown, I believe) was delivering things to my teacher. He decided to pick a few of us freshmen to stand in front of the class. We had to sing and perform "I'm a Little Teapot." It was kind of fun but the entire time I was thinking "I hope he doesn't have a camera so this shows up in the yearbook or newspaper."

-Growing up, my Mom bought clothes for me that I didn't alway like. Back in the 5th grade, she found this polo shirt that was white with maroon, green, and orange leaves all over. It ended up being the shirt I wore on class picture day. Well... weeks after school pics, I'm wearing the shirt again. To my horror, a BOY in my class was wearing the same exact polo. This, to me, is way worse than showing up at some party where two females are wearing the same dress. I think this was the moment that I decided I needed to take an active role in what clothes I wore.

-In 2006, Brian (ex-husband) and I owned two cars; one of them was a Chevy Cavalier with a manual transmission. I wasn't a master at driving a car with a stick shift, but there was one particular day where I decided to take the Cavalier to work. The drive to work normally takes less than 15 minutes, and I left early in case I was going to have trouble on the way (mainly because it had been a couple years since the last time I had driven a stick... which was when I was first learning to drive such a vehicle). Yes, I killed it basically every time I had to stop. That I expected. What I didn't expect was for a few of my coworkers witnessing me killing it at least 3 times from entering the Home Depot parking lot to my final stop in a parking space. Yea, that day at work was fun since my coworkers seemed to enjoy my parking lot adventure.

-In English class freshman year, we read Romeo and Juliet. I was always one of the first to volunteer to read a part and ended up reading as the Nurse the entire time. So one day, my teacher, a few classmates and I were discussing dressing up for our roles for fun. My teacher, Mrs. Hall, looked at me and said I was perfect for the role of the Nurse since I had the bosom for it. Wow... my teacher is discussing my big boobs nonchalantly. After the initial shock of hearing this at school, I thought about it and would seriously audition for that role if given the opportunity!

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  1. Chevy Cavaliers are born from Satan. I had an 84 I think it was I called Demonseed. I replaced everything but the engine on that damn car and it still died before I could pay it off.