Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Music Tuesday: What to Expect in 2011

Before I begin discussing a lot of music to come this year, I need to share DJ Earworm's United States of Pop 2010 video. Every year he creates a song/video, which is a collaboration of the top 25 songs of the year, according to Billboard charts. Please enjoy!

Now, lets discuss some of the music to come in 2011.

As I was reading the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (#1136: The Oscar Race is On!), I enjoyed reading about all kinds of movies, music, and television that will make debuts this year (and also had a bittersweet moment reading Stephen King's last EW column for a long while... *sniff*). Toward the end of the magazine, there was an article asking some radio programmers from Top 40 radio asking about what will likely be the big hits of 2011. I will mention some of those artists/songs, plus other artist who have recently announced news of new singles and albums.

Lady Gaga:

As the ball dropped in Times Square, Lady Gaga tweets that her single "Born this Way" will be released February 13th and the album will be in stores May 23rd. I am soooooooo freaking excited for this!

No Doubt:
Yesterday, Tom Dumont tweeted this: "To clarify: last yr we were in studio mostly writing, just some recording. Starting 2day back in the studio, mostly recording..." Before I was into the whole boy band craze, No Doubt was my favorite group. They are still up there in the favorites list. I remember when they toured last year, they wanted to find inspiration for a new future album. It looks as if that we will definitely see that this year *Jumps for joy*

David Cook:

David posted this preview on his website yesterday. I cannot wait to hear my fellow Kansas Citian's voice with all new music. He's worked on this album for several months, so I expect it the album to be better than his first!

Britney Spears:
It was announced on her website that her new single "Hold It Against Me" will be released in January. Entertainment Weekly magazine reports that it will be released January 7th. If it does indeed come out this Friday, I will post the song on next week's blog.

Cold War Kids:

I'm not familiar with Cold War Kids (that I can recall), but this showed up on my Facebook news feed. :-)

Kanye West:
Since his album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, dropped toward the end of 2010, expect to hear more singles. He's working on the video for "Monster" right now.

Limp Bizkit:
I follow Fred Durst on Twitter. A few months ago, he announced that Limp Bizkits new album will be named Gold Cobra and will be released sometime this year. I see this could go one of two ways: it will either make me love them like I did when Significant Other was out or it will clarify that their 15 minutes of fame needs to come to a close. I'm hoping that it will succeed.

The Black Eyed Peas:
The current single "The Time (Dirty Bit)" has been blasting all over the airwaves the past several weeks from their newest album, The Beginning. Get ready for more Black Eyed Peas the next several months.

Now to listen to some of the new songs I've heard the past few days!

Avril Lavigne:

Oh, how I've missed hearing her punk/princess style on the radio. I'm interested to see what comes out lyrically since this is her first album since her and Deryck Whibley's divorce.


Her sophomore album, Cannibal, was released just a few weeks ago so expect to hear a lot more of her partying, glitter laced antics this year (whether you are a fan or not).

Nicole Scherzinger:

Wow, the video's already out! Former Pussycat Doll has gone solo. It's not surprising to me that she made that move, it seems to be a common thing to do when starting out as a female pop group.

Well, I think I gave you guys a pretty decent start to new music this year. Stay tuned for next week when I start posting reviews of new songs and music videos!

Oh, one more thing... here is a teaser promo for a new music show, The X Factor. This is why Simon Cowell left American Idol and what I will be checking out this Fall:


  1. I'm pretty excited about this No Doubt thing. I loved them since I heard "Don't Speak" in the 8th grade. Back when they were less pop and a little more edgy. Hopefully they go back to it? I was also pretty stoked to see Avril on NYE. Didn't realize she was coming out with anything new. The rest of it though I'm not into. I've never even heard a GaGa song and it's one of those things I don't care that I haven't experienced.. lol. Shows you how with it I am.

  2. OK Ke$ha scares me! Can't wait to see the video for this song. Really enjoying your new blog format so far. Can't wait to see what the other days hold.