Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Music Tuesdays: Cake, Maroon 5, One Call, and Jamie Foxx

Welcome friends to another wonderful New Music Tuesday! I have noticed, going back to my other Tuesday blogs, that I have primarily focused on pop and dance music. I am an eclectic listener but it doesn't seem that way. I will work on getting some other genres in here. I did start a little today, but I promise more variety in the future.

Cake "Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps"

My good friend Sarah posted this video on my Facebook wall thinking I would enjoy it. I certainly did. While the song is pretty decent, the video is a lot more entertaining to me. I mean, fruit having sex scandals??? Epic. Did anyone else catch the phone number that was exchanged, 867-5309? Yeah, the number made famous by Tommy Tutone's song "Jenny." I thought that was cute. Oh, and Sarah, your description of this song as "ear-wormy" is pretty good, LOL.

Maroon 5 "Never Gonna Leave This Bed"

I have only listened to this song a couple times. I'm not completely feeling it yet, but sometimes songs take several listening sessions before you like it. This one is more serious than some of Maroon 5's songs and I hope the video paints the same picture. Oh, and does anyone else find the cover of the single (as seen on the video here) a little creepy with an extra set of arms???

One Call "BlackLight"

I knew this was coming, especially since Beiber Fever struck... HARD. We now have a new generation of boy bands. I do admi that I am liking this song. It's got a certain... edginess... that the boy bands I grew up loving didn't have. It also seems as if the video is trying to appeal to some of the Ke$ha fans, with the whole underground/black light feel to it. I'm going to have to pay attention to this group and see if they are big enough to play the boy band game.

Jamie Foxx feat. Drake "Fall For Your Type"

This is a very intimate song. We've all been there... finding a pattern in our dating history in which we see ourselves going for the same type of person. Sometimes it's healthy, other times it's not. The video helps portray what happens when it turns out on the unhealthy side, which includes alcohol and broken objects. I like how simple it was to express something that can seem so complicated.

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  1. Love the CAKE video. I had heard the song before but that video was very cool!