Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday Rant: The Unoriginality of Hollywood

As a movie watcher, I get enthralled in so many things: cinematography, symbolism, and the talents each actor brings to their character. One thing that I hold in the highest regards when watching movies is the storyline. I love getting wrapped up in a great story in a film. The more unique of a story, the better! However, in the land of Hollywood, repeating story lines is a common occurrence. Sure, they will change the location or the occupation of the characters, but when you break things down, all you see is the same exact story rehashed for a new audience. It saddens me at times that the rehashing happens more often that I would like to see. After going through my movie collection, I came up with several reused story lines.

Reused Storyline #1: A small town girl moves to the big city. She is seeking out her dream job and goes through a few obstacles along the way, which includes finding romance.

-42nd Street (Allentown, PA to NYC)
-Coyote Ugly (South Amboy, NJ to NYC)
-Burlesque (Iowa to Los Angeles, CA) <~~~ I haven't seen this, but it's pretty obvious based on the previews alone
-Center Stage (Jodi: Indiana to NYC)

Reused Storyline #2: A situation happens where two people who hate each other are partnered up to solve a problem. By the end of the film, they become friends.

-Wild Wild West
-The Fast and the Furious (also Fast and Furious)
-Toy Story
-Shanghai Noon
-Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
-Step Brothers
-Men in Black
-All About the Benjamins
-Remember the Titans
-Star Trek

Reused Storyline #2.5: (See previous storyline) By the end of the film, they become a couple.

-The Ugly Truth
-Miss Congeniality
-What Women Want
-National Treasure
-No Reservations
-What Happens in Vegas

Reused Storyline #3: Hotshot from a big city ends up stranded in a small town. After a period of time, he becomes accustomed to the lifestyle. After returning to the big city, they eventually realize they fell in love with the town and make it their new home.

-Doc Hollywood
-Disney/ Pixar Cars

Reused Storyline #4: Best friends are on a mission to get something. Along the way, they come across several strange situations (and people) until they finally reach what they were looking for.

-Fanboys (watch Star Wars Episode One before it hits theaters)
-Dude Where's My Car? (find the missing car)
-Dumb and Dumber (return briefcase to a woman)
-Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle (locating a White Castle)

Reused Storyline #5: A company's CEO has passed away or is stepping down. In order to keep the company within the family, a relative has to step up and take responsibility.

-Tommy Boy
-Mr. Deeds
-Richie Rich
-Billy Madison

Reused Storyline #6: A couple breaks up, leaving the woman jaded and alone. After a period of time goes by, she gets out of a rut and rediscovers herself. Then something happens where the couple is reunited and is together once more.

-Sex and the City: The Movie
-The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Reused Storyline #7: The main character lives in present day and partway into the movie, ends up in an alternate universe which they see their lives lived out completely different than what they were accustomed to. Toward the end, they appreciate the life they had beforehand and somehow order is restored.

-Shrek: The Final Chapter
-Back to the Future Part 2
-13 Going on 30

So, as you can see, there has been a lot of unoriginality in movie making. Please note that of all the movie I have listed, none of them are in my Top 10 favorite movies of all time. Like I said earlier, the movies with great story lines are the ones I generally like the most. If you are curious as to which movies made my coveted BEST list... you can either ask me or wait until March, when that subject is tackled in a new 30 day challenge. :-)

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  1. Well said. I hate Hollywood laziness as well. If there is a good movie they duplicate it rather then coming up with something new. Another great example is remakes.I can totally see taking an old Hollywood classic and remaking it with a modern spin. But more often than not these days they just take a movie and more or less do a shot for shot remake. Not only that but they aren't even that old. "Death At A Funeral" is a prime example. UK version came out in 2007 and was a big hit, 2010 the US version comes out which is just a pure remake with a mostly African American cast. If you saw the UK version first as I did it was just predictable and sad. Even when there is a new movie it is generally a rehashed storyline as you stated. Hollywood needs new ideas. They need to take chances like they did in the old days instead of just cranking out the same recycled drivel because it made money before.

    Oh And I love Rave or Rant Wednesdays! ^_^