Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie Monday: Dead Poets, A 1986 Flashback, and Crazy Rockstar Lifestyles

Hello movie watchers! I hope you are experiencing a beautiful April day like me. I've been taking advantage of the outdoors a lot the past couple weeks (and have the tan to prove it). But, for the days where I relaxed indoors, I enjoyed a few films. Enjoy my reviews for the week!

Dead Poets Society

At the Welton Academy for boys, a group of students start a new year with a speech from the Headmaster about the academy's four pillars: Tradition, Honor, Discipline and Excellence. However, English professor Mr. Keating (Robin Williams) has returned to his alma mater to show the boys that they are extraordinary individuals and begins to teach them a new way of thinking and self expression. Some of the students reinstate Dead Poets Society, a club started by Mr. Keating dedicated to reading poetry inside a cave close to the academy. As the school year goes forward, the students learn to appreciate the beauty of self expression, despite what some of the other professors and their parents believe.

I really thought I had seen this before, like when I was in high school. I'm happy I caught this at the very beginning. I've seen other films similar to it (Renaissance Man, Mona Lisa Smile, Dangerous Minds) but this one was the predecessor. I loved how Mr. Keating realized the gifts of these students before he began to teach them and how he pushed them to express themselves as individuals. Even though the movie ended on a sad note, I appreciate how these students fought for what they wanted, good or bad. This is one of those films that I would recommend as a must watch for any high school student. Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

Hot Tub Time Machine

Adam (John Cusack), Nick (Craig Robinson), and Lou (Rob Corddry) all find themselves at a crossroads in life and decide to take a weekend trip, to their favorite winter resort from their adolescent days. Along with Adam's nephew Jacob (Clark Duke), they spend their first evening getting drunk and enjoying time inside a hot tub. The next day, they find themselves in the year 1986, on a weekend that was vital to every one of them. The friends realize that they have two options: change their fate or relive the weekend as they experienced it over 20 years ago.

The first thing I fell in love with about this movie? The music. Poison, Motley Crue, and many other great 80's songs. There were also a few recent songs that made the film entertaining. I loved Nick and Lou... they were the reason why this movie was so funny! For anyone that wants a guilty pleasure/ blast from the past kind of film, give this one a try! Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars

Get Him to the Greek

Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) is in need of a comeback after a breakup and horrible album. With the 10 year anniversary of one of Snow's concerts coming up, a Los Angeles record company wants him to come out and perform. Intern Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) has been recruited to go to London and bring Aldous to the United States. Between several delays out of London, random encounters with drugs and alcohol, and drama between exes (for both of them), they find themselves in a rush to get to the concert on time.

Wow... the rockstar life and all the craziness it ensues. As I expected, I got several laughs out of this film. But, like all other movies made by Judd Apatow and Jason Segel, I always get surprised about the more heartfelt moments, like the interactions between Aldous and his ex girlfriend Jackie (Rose Byrne). I loved all the celebrity cameos (Kurt Loder, Lars Ulrich, & more). This is one of those movies where it gets quoted a lot. If I watch it a couple more times, I'll be able to join in on quote wars with some of my coworkers. Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars

As of today, I am planning on going to see Scream 4 on Thursday night for the Midnight showing. So there's a possible hint of what to expect next week!!!

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