Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Xanga Diaries: Part III

From this point on, you will see multiple postings in my Xanga Diaries blogs. I have a couple posted below. One has a lot of shout-outs to friends from high school (before the days where we all got Facebook accounts) and the other is a rant over something that I saw on television. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 12, 2005


There are a few times a year where I get to see a lot of people from high school back in Lee's Summit. One of these times is now... Spring Break. Every year that I'm reunited with old friends and acquaintances, there are drastic changes. It makes me curious about how our class of 2002 high school reunion (5 years) will be in a couple years, and then again at our 10 year reunion.

Like I've mentioned before... a lot of my friends have babies. But I've realized that there's a whole lot more that do. And for one friend, who just gave birth to her second daughter last week. Another friend of mine (Katrina), married and with a baby, almost got divorced because her husband left her for a few weeks. It's scary that before the first reunion, someone can get married, have a kid, and be divorced. But fortunately, they are back to living together.

Someone won't even make it to our high school reunion because he passed away a few months ago from alcohol poisoning. My best friend Maria went to his funeral. It was way too unbelievable for her.
A group of kids from high school have been on television already, one of them was Jothan Schiller. Last time I saw him, he was renting Finding Nemo from me (when I worked at Blockbuster) and we had a great conversation. I heard that he and his friends were on one of those daytime court shows over something... don't know what though.

I'm just waiting to hear about someone at the reunion about a really great job and having huge success. My prediction is that it will be Blake Hern, who I heard that is following in his father's steps in the business field.
I'm just in the mood to find a bunch of my classmates and catch up, whether I was friends with them, acquaintances (like Andria Rentie and Genevieve Valle), or just people I would talk to every so often in whatever class I was in.


Thursday, March 31, 2005


I just saw a commercial on television that has offended me, even though it wasn't directed at my race.
The commercial was for truth.com, a program that is supposed to give people a reality check on what is in drugs and alcohol.

This commercial was in an office setting, with a bunch of executive people that work for a cigarette company. They were trying to find ways to make their product reach target audiences.

When they got to discussion blacks/African Americans (I must point out that all these executives are white men), they said "Why don't we make them in packs of ten since blacks don't have as much money?" All the men agreed and then the slogan "It would have been funnier if we knew that it wasn't the truth."

I was extremely offended by this commercial. The program is basically saying that all blacks are poor and can't afford an entire pack of cigarettes. I'm not a smoker, but I'm appalled at the stereotype. And I know that there are others who are just as offended. This company is treating all blacks like they are all poor, when I know for a fact that it isn't true.

Things like this just piss me off. These people need to grow up and look at reality for once. I wouldn't even be stupid enough to attempt to release something like this to the general public, especially during the Noon news.

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