Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Music Tuesday: Maroon 5 and An Explosion of Boy Bands and Pop Princesses

Happy New Music Tuesday! I tried to find a variety of new songs to share, but somehow I only found pop and dance music. Other than the limited music selection, I hope everyone finds something enjoyable (I'm definitely not lacking in the amount of new discoveries).

Maroon 5 "Runaway"

I think Maroon 5 wants to push this as the song for summertime beach fun. I mean, the video is all about beaches, surfing, and love. Whether that was the intention or not, I enjoy it :-)

Fefe Dobson feat. Orianthi "Can't Breathe"

Fefe Dobson has been around the music business for a few years now, but (to my observation) has yet to make a big enough impact. I hope this song turns all that around. I have always like her Janet Jackson type of persona. This song is on the soft side, but has an awesome guitar solo, thanks to Orianthi!

Jordin Sparks "The World I Knew" (for DisneyNature's "African Cats")

Jordin Sparks has always been the squeaky clean, but vocally powerful American Idol winner. To have her perform a song for a Disney flick is no surprise to me. It's gentle and family friendly. And look at all the baby leopards and lions!! Awwww.....

NKOTBSB "Dont Turn Out the Lights"

First, New Kids on the Block go on tour. Then, they collaborate with the Backstreet Boys for a performance at the American Music Awards, which was when they announced they will tour together. Naturally, a single by all nine gentlemen was the next step. I've only listened to it a couple times and I have not warmed up to it. By the time the concert makes it to Kansas City in July, I'll probably know all the words. Damn boy bands, LOL

Britney Spears "Till the World Ends"

Who knew that the end of the world involved a big dance party led by Miss Spears? I know the song is called "Till the World Ends" but did she really have to hone in on December 21, 2012? That just bugs the hell out of me. However, I do like the color scheme and the choreography. The song is growing on me... I can't help that one of my guilty pleasures is dance/club pop music!

Rihanna feat. Britney Spears "S&M (Remix)"

Britney NEVER collaborates with other artist beyond her own songs... so to have her join in on Rihanna's hot and dirrty song is impressive. I like the new lyrics added to the remix, but I still have trouble believing that Britney is that kind of girl... her voice sounds too innocent (which one of my friends commented that that was actually the autotune setting). I'm half hoping there will be a music video to accompany this version (which Rihanna already said she would love to).

Okay, now that we've covered new songs, it's time to switch gears. Ke$ha made a couple music videos for some of her older songs. I came across them on her YouTube page, just hours after they were uploaded.
Ke$ha "Animal"

Well, now I know that Ke$ha can make a somewhat normal video. I loved the color scheme throughout the video and how there was a little interpretive dance with the people in masks. Not too bad, visually.

Ke$ha "Stephen"

When I first heard this song, the word "creeper" came to mind. Now that I saw the video, I can add "stalker," "obsessive," and "desperate." Oh, and when the mannequin popped up, I immediately thought of A Very Brady Sequel.

Well, enough pop explosion... here's hoping that I'll find some variety by next Tuesday!!!

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