Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Music Tuesday: Lots of Singles on New Albums, A Little Bit of Country, and... Leonard Nimoy???

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you guys had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend (I know I had a great time). Because of all the activities, I did not post a Movie Monday blog yesterday. I promise it will return next week!

I spent last Wednesday and Thursday working on this music blog. I did come across a lot of videos for singles I have been listening to on the radio for the past couple weeks. Many of these songs are first singles from some of my favorite musicians/ artists, so I am excited to listen to what else is coming in the future. I also spent some time listening to a lot of Lady Gaga, since I bought her album on Friday. It's a lot deeper than her last two albums, but extremely enjoyable.

Anyway, music time!!!

Taylor Swift "The Story of Us"

I LOVED how the setting of this video is in a library. I can't help it, I am a bookworm... LOL. I really like the song since it's a play on words on how a love story is told like a book (hey, now the library setting seems completely appropriate). I also love that it is realistic in the sense that not everything is going to have a happy ending. I know I'll be singing along to this song when it comes on the radio.

Thompson Square "I Got You"

I am starting to get myself familiar with current country music other than the artist that crossover to the pop charts. I found this on YouTube and immediately loved the video with Shawna and Keifer acting as a more modern version of Sonny and Cher. It was very cute to see the blend of 70's nostalgia with modern day attire. The song is good and I will be looking into more of Thompson Square's music.

David Cook "The Last Goodbye"

The first thing I notice about this video? David Cook is left handed like me!!! I already knew he played guitar as a lefty but this just thrilled me. I've loved the song since I first heard it, but the video? It's a bit cheesy. I mean, I really loved how it started simple, just him in the cab, and then on the beach. But the whole "feared drowned" part? Total cheese. I'll stick to the song :-)

Jason Derulo "Don't Wanna Go Home"

What happens when you sample two formerly popular songs (Banana Boat's "Day-O" and Robyn's "Show Me Love", mix it with some new beats, and Jason Derulo? This song!!! When I first heard this song, I was blown away. It shows that Jason took a big leap with his music and his career. I am very excited to hear more of his new music... as long as he doesn't shout out "Jason Derulo" at the beginning of EVERY song.

T-Pain feat. Chris Brown "Best Love Song"

T-Pain... yay!!! This isn't the first time T-Pain and Chris Brown have collaborated (and probably won't be the last). I like that this is a slower song than "Kiss Kiss" and has some heart to the lyrics. Good song and good video (loved the ending... lol).

My Chemical Romance "SING"

This song isn't exactly new (the video made it's debut at least six months ago). However, it has recently got a lot of airplay on a couple stations I listen to. I actually had no idea that it was a My Chemical Romance song until I saw the video and recognized the lead singer. I like the video, with the futuristic battles. It was visually stimulating. I'm happy to hear new music from them :-)

Bruno Mars "The Lazy Song (Alternate Music Video)"

I really like this trend of artists making alternative versions of music videos. When I came across this version of "The Lazy Song," I was thrilled for a few reasons. One, if you recall, I was creeped out with the monkeys from the original video. Then, I fell in love with this video, since I seemed to have found the real-life version of Jeff Dunham's puppet Walter. After viewing the video for the first time, I had to re watch it since one of the viewers commented that the lead character is Leonard Nimoy. Yeah, it should have been obvious to me the first time, with William Shatner on TV, the Live Long and Prosper hand gestures in the mirror, then all the fan mail. Then again, I am not a Trekkie, so I can forgive myself. LOL

I hope everyone has a great week... which for many of you will be a short one considering the holiday weekend!!!

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