Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Movie Geekness

Early this morning, my friend Matt quotes Office Space on Facebook. I couldn't resist firing a quote back to him. This leads to me writing a "rule" of movie geekness as my facebook status. Then, I notice that my friends take advantage of this and get me to play "Name that Movie." I happily play along, thus proving how easily entertained I can be. After giving a little bit of thought, I decided to expand my facebook status into an entire blog about why I feel I deserve to be called a movie geek.

-My dream job is to watch movies and write reviews for a magazine or newspaper (why not combine both my passion for moviewatching and for writing and get paid for it?)

-My DVD collection is so big that I keep track of my inventory in a spiral notebook. I kind of stole this idea from When Harry Met Sally... since Sally kept a recipe holder by her bed with her movies listed on index cards. I figured the notebook would be easier to maintain and can sit comfortably on top of my DVDs.

-When in social situations, I can easily throw in a movie quote into the conversation. Or I just randomly quote movies, lol

-This blog that you are reading now has a primary focus on movies (I mean, look at my web address... kcmoviegeek.blogspot.com I did that on purpose).

-If you randomly quote a movie line as your Facebook status, be warned that I will notice and respond with more quotes from the same movie.

-My favorite channel on Time Warner Cable is 986, Movie Trailers on Demand. I have, many times, spent an hour or two sitting on the couch watching preview after preview.

-I save my ticket stubs and keep them in my scrapbook. I even have the ticket stub from when I saw The Lion King back in 1994.

-I tried to get a job at the movie theater once. I think what killed my chances was that I spent so much time talking about movies than discussing why I would be a great employee to the company.

-I get really mad if I am late to the movies and miss the previews.

-I would seriously plan a vacation that revolves around touring movie studios and visiting locations that were used for my favorite films.

-My dream house WILL have a theater room. I will find the biggest screen possible to show the movies. It will have tons of shelves for holding my movie collection, a massive surround sound system, movie posters hanging on the walls, and comfortable seating.

-My favorite course in college was my Film as Literature class. We watched a lot of movies (Charlie Chaplin films, Casablanca, Citizen Kane & others) and wrote extensive papers about each movie.

-If there is a midnight showing for a film, I will be there. 95% of the time. I can't split myself in two and attend two midnight showings the same night, you know...

-IMDB.com is listed under my favorites tab on my laptop.

-I buy movies that I have never seen knowing that I will like them.

-My biggest pet peeve is when people constantly talk during a movie. I'm ok with a random comment, but when they are basically having an entire conversation with me, I will not hesitate in telling them to shut up. This is especially true for a movie I have been dying to see.

-When shopping at places like Target or Best Buy, my first stop is at the movies.

-About 1/3 of my book collection has been made into movies.

-I have purchased red, blue, green, white and yellow DVD cases on EBay just so my movie collection would look more attractive.

-I write movie reviews on my buddy Brandon's webpage just because I can!

-I once looked up career opportunities for the MPAA on Career Builder. I found them in St. Louis but at the time I wasn't willing to move there, lol

-My favorite former job was working at Blockbuster Video. I had 5 free rentals a week, I could rent movies not yet released in stores, and I was able to discuss movies with everyone! I also got a lot of free movie stuff when working there (posters, DVD cases, entertainment magazines).

-I have made cds with just movie themes on them. I also try to take advantage of listening to the movie themes channel when in my sister's car (gotta love satellite radio).

-If I discover "Easter Eggs" in a film that I own, I am immediately putting it in the DVD player to find them. Or I see the movie in theaters again.

-If I have money to blow, my first purchase is likely to be on a movie.

-Even though parody movies are generally dumb, I love them. To me, those movies are 10 times funnier when you have seen all the films they are spoofing. And in my case, I have seen all of the movies.

-I currently own 13 version of Scene It? and 4 Shout about Movies DVD trivia games.

-I have seen more than one movie in theaters within a 24 hour period on many occasions, and not just at the Drive-In.

Yes, I believe I am more than qualified to be called a Movie Geek :-)

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