Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Post-It Pop Culture

I was reading an article about what will be happening on this season of Grey's Anatomy. The TV Guide article quoted about Meredith and her "Post-It husband" Derek. That got me thinking about all the times where I have seen Post-It's appear in my favorite shows and movies. I present to you a compilation of my findings!

Sex and the City: This is, to me, the most shocking use of a Post-It that I have ever seen. Carrie is trying to work things out with her boyfriend Jack Berger, whom she has not been dating very long. Berger goes away for a couple days to clear his head. When he returns (with a bouquet of pink carnations), he says he wants to work on their relationship. Watch how it unfolds:

And the angry aftermath...

A Post-It breakup is just as bad as getting dumped via text message (ask Taylor Swift, she knows...). Jack Berger, as insighful as you were discussing that sometimes "He's Just Not that Into You," you also have a very cowardly way to end a relationship.

Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion: Wow, ditsy girls trying to look impressive for their former classmates. What was their plan? To look like succesful business women and claim they were the ones that invented Post-Its. It worked, for a while. One of their classmates disproved them in front of the "popular" group.

At least I learned the formula for glue out of this totally stupid movie. Oh, and enjoyed cute clothing that the girls made themselves, lol

Grey's Anatomy: In the season five finale, Meredith and Derek try to find time to go to the courthouse and get married. But, in the tradition of the craziness the hospital brings, it's just not possible (yes, this is the episode where we realize that John Doe is George). So while sitting in the employee breakroom, they decide to write their vows on a couple of blue (something borrowed, also something blue- courtesy of Christina Yang) Post-Its.

Untraditional, yes. Thinking outside the box? Totally! But when in the history of Meredith and Derek has anything been predictable, or even traditional? This Post-It marriage was perfect for them as a couple!

Home Alone 3: A little boy named Alex is stuck at home with the chicken pox after Christmas break is over. A group of theives are retrieving a computer chip that is hidden in a remote control car, which Alex received from shoveling snow. Toward the end of the film, when Alex is looking for things to help deceive the bad guys, he finds a cardboard cutout of a naked girl. There are Post-its cleverly attached to her private parts.

This is what you call PG fun with Post-Its. And sadly, no Macauley Culkin.

I did try to see if the show "How It's Made" did one about Post-It's. Not yet. Maybe I should submit that as a suggestion for a future episode!

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  1. I love when Carrie gets all up in Berger's friends faces and is all... "HE BROKE UP WITH ME! ON A POST-IT!!!"


    And I've officially had three relationships end via text message. Which is surprisingly not so bad! :)