Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dinner with the Deceased...

I've been thinking all day of what I should blog about next. Lots of different things popped up into my head, but none that I could spend a good amount of time writing about. Then, I grabbed one of my many journals laying around in my room (signs that I am a writer--- I have kept everything I have ever written). So this journal I grabbed holds silly lists of things. Things like "TV Shows I've seen every single episode" and "Fictional Characters I would date/marry." One list in particular stuck out tonight, and here I go.

If I were to have a dinner party, which deceased people would I invite to join me???

(And no, this isn't some advertising ploy to see the movie Dinner for Schmucks. Which I do in fact want to see-- my movie geekness crept out, lol)

Here we go!

1. Leonardo daVinci

A painter, musician, sculpter, inventor, architect, scientist, geologist, writer... good Lord he did a lot! A man this talented deserves to be at any dinner party! I have always been highly fascinated by people who expand their creativity to all aspects of their lives and Mr. daVinci is definately one of them! I would just sit and listen to all his stories, his ideas, how he painted this, why he invented that, what inspires him. And I would milk it all in!

2. William Shakespeare

Anyone that really knows me knows how much of a Shakespeare nut I am. I even write poems in perfect iambic pentameter (and very proud of that). I love that he wrote some of the best romances, the funniest comedies and the most dramatic plays out there. For being an aspiring writer myself, I would be extremely honored to be in his prescence.

3. Harry S. Truman

Come on! I'm a Kansas City girl. I need local representation at my dinner party. This is one of the few former presidents I actually take a personal interest in. My prerequisite before speaking to him at the dinner party would be for me to finally read David McCullough's biography on Mr. Truman (which is conveniently sitting on my bookshelf). Oh, and I have to make sure that I tell him that my son is someone indirectly named after him, hehe.

4. Vincent Price

I hold him in high regards in the horror industry. I have not watched all of his works (yet) but have always been fascinated with how his mind worked. I feel some sort of odd connection with him, and I blame it on his cameo rap in Michael Jackson's "Thriller." It would be amazing to hear stories of the film industry from his peak in fame. Fascinating man.

5. Johnny Carson

I grew up watching his shows with my parents, especially around my Grandma and Grandpa Savory. I always saw him as a very simple, happy man. Everybody could tell he absolutely loved what he did in life. He was one of the true showmen. No other late night personality can live up to his standards, they just cant. I would expect lots of laughter at the dinner party.

6. Michael Jackson

For some reason, his death hit me like no other celebrity out there. I was truly stunned. I was only a few weeks old when "Thriller" first premiered on MTV. I remember watching the premiere of "Black or White" during my crush on Macaulay Culkin days (yes, the Home Alone kid). Forget about all the child molestation charges and things like that. I saw him as a great artist and performer. That's all that mattered to me.

7. Jesus Christ

I've spent a great deal of my life looking for what I truly believe in when it comes to religion. Who better than to have him at the dinner party to help me understand things???

I hope this list was enjoyable. I really had a good time writing about everyone mentioned. Now to make this dinner party a reality... that's a totally different story, LOL.

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