Monday, August 23, 2010

One-Liner Movie Reviews

Ok, I am finally blogging about movies! Took me long enough! To be honest, I have hardly watched movies or television in about a month and a half.. True Blood has been the only exception. With that said, I'm going to backtrack and give some quick reviews of movies I have watched this year (some in theaters, some I watched for the first time on DVD).

Toy Story 3: Best movie I have seen this year, with a great story (plus it made me cry big time at the end)

Best Worst Movie: Great documentary on the cult following of Troll 2 and the actors from the film, but I still need to watch Troll 2 itself

Zombieland: Good comedy/horror blend about surviving zombie attacks, plus I always crave Twinkies when watching it

Boondock Saints II-All Saints Day: Cant beat the original, but decent plot with a few suprises (especially the last 10 minutes... wow, Agent Smecker)

Alice in Wonderland: Took me a while to realize this was more of a sequel to the animated Disney flick than a remake, but definately darker (was my first 3D movie experience too)

The Hangover: The funniest movie I have seen this year, and I cant stop quoting it!

Star Trek: I was never a trekkie, but after seeing this, I might have to explore the "playboy" antics of Captain Kirk...

Michael Jackson's This is It: This would have been an excellent comeback tour and I would have wanted to see it live.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past: EXTREMELY predictable but I think Emma Stone's character (Ghost of dating past) was the best thing to come out of it!

Shrek The Final Chapter: This was very similar to the plot synopsis of Back to the Future Part II, but cute way of closing this movie franchise

Avatar: I sensed the Ferngully vibe, but wasn't blown away like many people were.

The Time Traveler's Wife: Should have read the book first so I would have understood it better

Obsessed: Totally predictable, but was satisfied with its seductive nature (I really love those kind of movies)

Sex and the City 2: I think this movie should have had a 2 drink minimum... at least, not to mention that it lost the charm the series and the first movie had established

The Green Mile: AMAZING movie that I should have watched years ago (might knock Dark Knight out of my top 5 favorite films, lol)

How to Train Your Dragon: Cute movie where one individual thinks outside the box and proves that the dragons are not hostile.

Couple's Retreat: Great team of actors and actresses, but made me really want to go to Bora Bora

I Love You, Man: Total bromance flick, plus my crush on Jason Segal quadrupled when watching this the first time

The Final Destination: Worst movie of the franchise and I should have seen it in 3D

Well, that's it! In the future, I will be writing more in-depth reviews of new movies as I see them! Hope you enjoyed my one-liners!

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