Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Day In the Life of Casey....

Thursday August 12, 2010

8:11 am- I am stirring. I hear my Mom getting ready for work. I look at the clock and realize that I've had about 5 1/2 hours of sleep. I shift around in my bed and try to sleep a little more.

8:27am- I lose that battle.

8:28am- First text message of the day. It's from my friend Maria. She wants to get the kids together and go swimming. As I consider it, I notice my headache from the day before hasn't gone away (Grrrr.. stupid me for drinking caffiene after a week without any. But it was my favorite drink... lol).

8:32am- Take ibuprofen with water. Then chased it with orange juice.

8:41am- Turn on computer. Log into Facebook. Decided to start writing this blog.

8:52am- Chatting with 3 people on FB chat (Maria, Doug, Katrina).... two of them point out that I'm up early. My reputation for being a night owl is mocking me.

9:00am- Alarm clock goes off. Makes me jump. Feels embarrased that it scared me... then again, nobody else saw me jump, so maybe it didn't happen...

9:21am- Dad calls from Connecticut. Informs me that Mom is going to Paris in November for Worlds. I have momentary dislike for my mom.

9:55am- Realizes I was starting to nod off.

10:19am- Loses Internet connection (Nooooooooo......)

10:24am- Grabs cell phone and logs into Facebook. Sadly, I cannot get on FB chat this way. Boo.

10:30am- Turns on tv to watch music videos while lying in bed, just for a little bit.

11:52am- Realized I fell asleep. Sent text to Maria explaining that, cancel pool play date. Recalls very vivid dream that ends with a really tall black guy slowly bumping and grinding with me... Hmm....

12:10pm- Documented vivid dream to write into my dream journal later

12:20pm- Recieved EXTREMELY disturbing picture mail from my friend Katrina (too graphic to discuss, but male genitalia was involved...)

12:30 Watch Yo Gabba Gabba with Truman while eating a bowl of Raisin Bran. I shout out lines from "I'm on a Boat" when Andy Samberg makes appearance on the kids show (but only the "clean" lines since Truman was within earshot, lol)

12:55pm- Second disturbing picture mail from Katrina (another of genitalia, but funnier pic)

1:00pm- Get Truman and myself ready to leave the house. I decided on my hot pink Yo! Mtv Raps graphic tee and navy blue capris. Also sprayed Sun Ripened Raspberry body splash-- my scent of the day!

1:24pm- Leave house. Truman requests to hear "California Gurls."

1:35pm- Stop and get gas at Lakeview Deli in Grandview. Truman requests "Dont Stop Believing."

1:47pm- While crossing the state line on 435 WB, I spot a silver Mustang with an Autobot emblem on the back windshield. Truman says it's a Decepticon.... nope. Autobot.

1:59pm- Get to the eye doctor. Have text message convo with Jaymie while waiting for Truman's name to be called. Also updated Facebook status about Autobot car, hehe (yes, I am a geek).

2:40pm- Leave eye doctor. Truman is happy he didn't have to get eye drops. His vision has improved with wearing glasses! I decide to listen to a Beach Boys cd on the way home.

2:57pm- Home!!! And back in Air Conditioning!!!

3:07pm- I saw that my Grandma left voicemail. Listened to it.

3:13pm- Reboot modem so I can get on the Internet. It works. Work on this blog and poke around on Facebook. Tried Twitter.... kept getting the "over capacity" whale. Grr...

4:10pm-Truman and I leave to go to "Meet the Teacher" at his elementary school.

5:54pm- Back home. Truman loved his classroom. He got his new school t-shirt for the assembly next Friday, and a new book from his teacher, Mrs. Wilkinson. He did not want to leave (that made me happy that he's already comfortable there). Filled out some paperwork. Said hi to a few of the other parents. Truman tried to throw a fit when we were leaving, but that passed quickly. Mom calls and says she's not coming home after work.

6:00pm- Dinner. Leftover goulash that I made a couple nights ago. I didn't feel like cooking anything.

6:12pm- Back on the computer. Working on this blog. On Facebook, again... lol. Turn on tv to Mtv Hits to listen to music. Truman is happily playing with his toys in his room.

6:39pm- Truman takes my DVD of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to watch in his room (he must still be thinking about the Autobot we saw earlier today).

6:55pm- Adam Lambert's "If I Had You" music video is on. I turn on my surround sound. He's major eye candy to me! Yes, I know he's gay, but he's on my "list." Hehe....

7:01pm- 2nd phone call from Grandma today. Crap. I forgot to do her laundry.

7:06pm- 3rd phone call from Grandma. At the same time, Truman walks in wearing his Iron Man mask.

7:24pm- Eminem's "Stan" video!!! Still my favorite of his songs. I used to have a crush on Devon Sawa in my preteen/early teen years. *Bobs head to the beats and sings along

7:31pm- Decide to keep Eminem trend going. Goes to YouTube to play "Love the Way You Lie." I'm addicted to this song right now.

7:37pm- Clicks "Replay" button. Told you... addicted.

7:38pm- Text message convo with my friend Patrick.

7:45pm- Heads outside to water flowers and to let Truman play for a little bit.

8:15pm- Visit with Lori next door. Discussed "Meet the Teacher" night

8:20pm- Oh! It's Trash night. Gather up all the trash (and recycle bin) and put them at the curb.

8:36pm-Tells Truman it's time to go back inside. Gets a snack for him.

8:38pm- Decide to sort through/ organize Truman's school supplies (includes labeling, placing required items in schoolbox, bagging other items, packing backpack for Monday morning).

8:52pm- Grandma calls for the 4th time. Says she will call back later to see if my Mom is home yet.

9:40pm- Realizes how late it is. Tells Truman to get pajamas on and get ready for bed. He listens immediately.

9:45pm- Back online. Updating this blog (again). Getting on Facebook (again). See a pattern??? LOL

10:02pm- Deciding what time I will venture to the back deck to catch the Perseid Meteor Shower.

10:19pm- Mom gets home. With Olive Garden leftovers. Hoping there is salad so I can have it for lunch tomorrow. Yep, there is!

10:29pm- Screw it! Eats some of the salad. (In the words of Ke$ha... I'll regret it in the morning.... )

10:55pm- Have a moment of boredom. Take Boondock Saints quiz.

11:30pm- Getting ready to head outside to watch Meteor shower. Since I will be outside at Midnight, I am ending this blog. Now, when I go to bed.... that's for another day, lol.


  1. I love everything about this post. I might steal this from you sometime to make my own. :)

  2. I had so much fun working on this one! I may do it again someday. Please... steal away!