Sunday, August 15, 2010

Is it Fall Yet?

One of the things I like about living in the Midwest is that I get to experience all four seasons. Rainy springs, hot and humid summers, cool and breezy falls, and cold and snowy winters. I like the variety, most of the time. As a kid, I considered winter to be my favorite time of the year. I loved playing in the snow and always anticipated having a snow day from school.

Then, I started high school. I spent my friday nights going to football games. I had sought out independence from my family to experience new things. I was suprising myself with what I truly loved and hated in life. I also came to the realization that I actually disliked winter... and it took me getting my driver's license to come to that conclusion.

Since then, my favorite season became fall. It's not just because I learned to hate driving in winter (did I just contradict my last statement? maybe, lol). I actually have several reasons for LOVING this time of the year. And I have compiled a list of those reasons.

Watching the leaves change colors: I am always amazed at how beautiful the trees look each year, especially the leaves that turn orange. Whenever I own a house, I must have a maple or birch tree, just for that reason alone. I also love taking scenic drives at this time. I cant get enough of the beauty that nature provides.

Football season: Ok, so I'm not one of those people that will be tailgating at the Chiefs games every week. Like I mentioned earlier, I spent my Fridays at high school games (yes that may have started because of my high school boyfriend being on the team, but it grew to be something I enjoyed going to with my friends). I also get the urge to play a little football myself. I did play powderpuff football my junior and senior year and would love to get with the girls to play again (except not flag football like the school deemed).

The smells of Fall: someone burning leaves in a field, traces of apple cinnamon, fresh air, caramel, fog machines (around Halloween), a new box of crayons (back to school recollections), even the rain!

Less Sunlight/Daylight Savings: I prefer it to get dark around 6 or 7. I like having dinner under a starry sky. I also like setting clocks back an hour. It just feels like you get more time in the day when you do that.

Halloween: Always a fun time! I visit dozens of stores just looking at costumes and supplies (and always wish I had more money to get more costumes). I trick-or-treated until the 8th grade (and I was a trick-or-treat bag that year-- used a lawn and leaf bag as my costume). To me, this is hands down the most creative holiday out there.... lots of endless possibilities.

Back to School: I was one of those kids who loved going to school. Getting new supplies each year, seeing my friends everyday, learning new things. I saw each year as a fresh start for fun and exciting things.

Tastes of Fall: apple cider, caramel, chili, cinnamon rolls, candy corn (and those mini pumpkins), a glass of wine (when sitting outside)

Horror movies: I watch them all the time, but when fall comes around, I have a significantly increased desire to watch a lot of them. Especially in October (Halloween, duh!).

Being outdoors: This is the time of year that I spend the most outdoors. Springtime gives me allergy issues. Summer is too hot to bear at times. So when September rolls around, I'm out of the house! Yes, I'll take a table outside at a restaurant. I'll go on walks (which I should be doing on a regular basis, lol). I will sit on the hood of a car at the drive-in instead of sitting in it (or a lawn chair). Bonfire? I'm there!

My Birthday: It normally falls the week before Thanksgiving. So before families get together and stuff their faces with food, I get to celebrate my day of birth!

Hoodies!!! and Jackets: I'm a huge sucker for wearing hoodies. I hate wearing winter coats, they always feel too bulky. Just give me a hoodie to put on over a t-shirt or tank top and I'm good! But when I'm trying to look nice, I'll put on a lightweight jacket :-)

Fall TV Schedule: For the few shows that I watch on a regular basis, I get excited for seeing new episodes. I also try to get a feel for any new series vying for an audience. That's how I fell for shows like Big Love and (back in the day) Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

As I impatiently await the days for fall to come, I will have this list to read over in anticipation for experiencing my favorite time of the year!

Oh yea.... 39 days until Fall!!!

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