Sunday, August 15, 2010

Am I Weird???

Ok, there are many "names" that I label myself as an individual. For instance: movie geek, smart, hopeless romantic, optimistic, parent, bookworm, creative, passionate... to name a few. But do I label myself as being weird too??? I am going to compile a list of things about me that makes me question my "weirdness."

I am a female that does NOT have a shoe fetish. On average, I own less than 15 pairs of shoes. Half of them I don't even wear on a regular basis. But, I LOOOOOVE socks. I bet I have at least 100 pairs, all different colors and designs.

Collecting Things: Ok, whenever there is a movie that has sequels, I tend to collect them all. Even when I know that sequels generally suck compared to the original, I just HAVE to have it. Same goes with books, but books usually dont suck (in my opinion) so I feel fine with that, lol.

I have NEVER been drunk in my life: Yea, I think that pretty much explains it all...

My taste in music: It's eclectic. If you were to go through my IPod, you would find an interesting blend that includes Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Manson, Backstreet Boys, Journey, Eminem, Madonna, and Elton John. You'll also find some really bad one-hit wonders (Macarena, anybody?)

I didn't watch ET until I was 19: The first time I tried to watch this movie, I was about 3 or 4. Scared the crap out of me. I didnt like seeing his heart through his skin. Then, when I was 7 or 8, I was at a birthday party where everyone wanted to see it. I ran out of the room and refused to participate. Luckily everyone changed their mind about watching it. So when I was working at Blockbuster, I finally decided to give in and watch it (I mean, I was already calling myself a movie geek by that time). This is one of those times where I felt completely stupid for avoiding this movie, especially since it was 1. A great movie and 2. I've seen things 100 times scarier than ET's heart.

I proudly wore stone washed jeans to a high school theater lock-in: I felt like a rockstar when wearing said jeans.

My elementary school sandwich eating habit. Ok, from second grade to about fifth grade I had a method for eating my sandwiches. I would start from the top left corner and finish at the bottom right corner. I had to eat even numbered bites... HAD to. When I became a teenager, and looked back to this, I realized that this could have easily been OCD behavior. Um, wow....

I used to daydream that my parents would divorce and marry other people so I could have more birthday and Christmas celebrations: In reality I would be horrified if they divorced (and as I am writing this, I note that their 30th Anniversary is the next day).

I like the smell of thrift stores: You know what I'm talking about. That very distinct scent when you walk in the door.

Playing Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" during intimate moments messes with my head: Dont get me wrong, I love this song. It has a great message behind it. But, if I'm having some personal time with a significant other, I would keep this song out of the playlist. Why, you ask?? Um.... it makes me think of having a baby.

I check my horoscope every day: Yes, I take it with a grain of salt. But I like to see if what it says actually happens. I get suprised and kind of giddy when it is dead on.

Grimm's Fairy Tales:  I was raised a Disney brat. That's how I knew my fairy tales. Once I became a teen though, I discovered that those were toned down versions for the sake of not traumatizing children. So when I start reading Grimm's Fairy Tales, I am overjoyed. It's more realistic. Wow... blood and gore too! I prefer to read the original versions of things, which I why I proudly own my own copy of the Grimm brother's works (with gold embossed pages and all, hehe).

Hardwood floors: I enjoy hardwood floors. Sliding on them with socks in a Risky Business kind of way. Totally awesome. I even sometimes lay on my stomach and push with my feet against a door or wall to have a massive gliding experience. If you have hardwood floors you should try it, NOW!

My second grade klepto incident: In tradition of keeping young students on their toes, teachers like to change seating arrangements. I had been seated next to the bookshelf that had all the older textbooks on it. When I got bored, I would look at them. So when the desks were moved, I was on the other side of the classroom. On the last day of school I was too embarrased to put the books on the shelf. They ended up in my backpack. I dont think the school ever found out.

I buy only cheap purses: I have NEVER spent more than $15 on a purse. This makes me different compared to my mom and sister. I just don't see the point in going for a name brand bag with a price tag in the hundreds. Just give me a clearance rack at Kohl's or Target and I'll be happy!!!

I used to eat paper: Not really sure why I did... but I think I definately got enough fiber when I did!

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice: Ok, controversial topic. I am a believer in Pro-Choice. However, if it was me personally making that decision I wouldn't abort. If I am going to be sexually active, then I accept the responsibilities if I get pregnant. If I know beforehand that I am carrying a baby that will have mental disibilities, then I take it as a sign that I am meant to raise a child like that. If I was raped... still on the fence on what I would do there.

Ok, now that you have read this.... Am I Weird???


  1. DUDE. I just wrote you a HUGE comment and it got deleted. LAME.

    The E.T. thing made me laugh really hard :)

  2. Uhm.. not weird. I used to eat paper, hang out with boys, I don't like to shop, don't spend money on bags, sliding on hardwood floors is awesome (that's what they are meant for), and I also am on the fence about abortion. I think it's wrong but I'm not sure I should be making other people's choice for them nor should the government do so (you know very well I call myself a conservative, but I believe most conservatives are ass backward on that issue).

    We're a lot alike. Maybe we're both weird? :)

  3. Sarah, that is Lame! I probably would have enjoyed the lengthy comment.

  4. "Playing Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" during intimate moments messes with my head" Mine too! Of course it was my cheating ex's and my song so there ya go.