Sunday, September 12, 2010

2010 Video Music Awards: A Retrospect

For those who just want to know what happened at the VMA's, but not sit though it... here is my play-by-play of the night.

The show begins with Eminem peforming "Not Afraid," which leads into Rihanna appearing onstage to begin "Love the Way You Lie." This was an excellent start to the show. Rihanna looked gorgeous and both her and Eminem sounded great.

Chelsea Handler starts the awards with a small skit of random rappers and other black guys smacking her ass. Then Lindsay Lohan gives her a No drinking pep talk before smacking her ass too. Chelsea does the usual semi-roasting of some of the nominees and other celebrities when onstage.

Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" wins Best Female Video. Her acceptance speech was a little emotional. She thanks Alexander McQueen (RIP) and the gays that came with her to the show.

30 Seconds to Mars "Kings and Queens" wins Best Rock Video. They thank the fans and their families for the honor of winning the awards.

Justin Beiber performs on a stage outdoors. For a teen hearttrhob, he got the female appeal. But as an artist, he was disappointing. Not a long performance for one, and it focused more on his dancing and his drum solo. Meh.

Usher performs a medley of his songs from his latest cd. Amazing light show and great dance moves. I am getting a little curious if he was lip synching... he didn't sound out of breath when singing after all his dancing. Just saying...

Eminem's "Not Afraid" wins Best Male Video. He was not present to accept the award, since he was headed to NYC for a performance in the morning.

Florence and the Machine performs... and I have discovered an artist that I want to hear more of. This woman is amazing! Download the song "Dog Days are Over" NOW!!!!!

Travie McCoy performs "Billionaire" going into the commercial break. Ok, it looked like a commercial break. Now they cut to the outdoor stage where Ciara was performing. Are they just giving us teaser performances??? What the heck?

Lady Gaga wins her second Moonman for Best Pop Video. Again for Bad Romance. Her outfit, which I think was another Alexander McQueen piece, looked like the Statue of Liberty but in all black. I thought it looked good, even if it was too heavy for her to walk in, lol

Taylor Swift peforms. First thing is a video of what happened with her and Kanye from last year's VMA's. Then it fades to this room that looked like an abandoned, old house, where her and her bandmates were sitting. Taylor looks very elegant. Creamy white dress, short hair, and red lipstick... very 1940's look.

Drake's performance starts of with Mary J. Blige... she looks and sounds amazing. No offense to you Drake, you are a good artist and all, but I was digging Miss Blige way more than you.

Evan Rachel Wood and Joe Magnarelli present the technical award winners. Hehe... got my True Blood fix before watching the season finale!

Mini performance of Jason Derulo's "Riding Solo."

Jersey Shore cast sitting in a jacuzzi onstage. Suprise, suprise.

Eminem wins for a second time. Best Hip Hop Video for "Not Afraid"

B.O.B. performs. He starts of with Bruno Mars for "Nothing on You," then joins Hayley Williams for "Airplanes!" I HAD to turn up the volume!!! Then Hayley moves on to sing "The Only Exception" with her Paramore bandmates. Beautiful lighting... an orange hue that resembled stars in the sky.

Justin Beiber wins Best New Artist. I knew he would win because all the people texting were the teen girls.

Linkin Park performance. Sounds like they are transitioning to a newer sound. Still techno sounding, but different than before. And darker. Not as secular as before, leaning toward religious in the lyrics. But it works... and I'm liking it.

Teaser of the movie Burlesque... yep. Knew that would creep up somewhere.

Ah, Cher is at the VMA's... dressed in her "If I Could Turn Back Time" outfit. She presents the VMA for Video of the Year.... Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." Gaga's emotional, announced her new album would be called "Born this Way." Then, she sings a few lines... I WANT HER ALBUM NOW!!!!!

Kanye wraps up the show. Wearing a candy apple red suit and black shirt. He's performing a new song. I like the song... it's a more personal one, about love. He even had ballerinas dancing onstage. Classy touch. And he ended the performance with some pyrotechnics. Not bad Kanye... not bad.

Well, there's the VMA's in a nutshell. I would like to say that Deadmau5 did a great job with being the the DJ for the night. I found out he will be in Kansas City next month and I just might have to go.

No suprises this year.... that kinda sucked.


  1. so was the song that taylor swift performed the song that kanye wrote for her to sing as an apology? I didnt quite get the part where you said it was a flash to what happened to her last year.did he do something to say he was sorry on live tv?

  2. No, I think the video flashback was just to reflect all that has happened in the past year since the Kanye incident.

    It was a new song, and whenever I hear a song for the first time, I don't necessarily catch all the lyrics. But I doubt it was about Kanye