Wednesday, September 22, 2010

25 Random Facts about Myself

1. As a kid, I had a fear of clowns. Not the kind that were at birthday parties (those I could handle). The scary ones. It started with an episode of "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" To this day, I have no real desire to watch Stephen King's It.

2. After failing my driver's test twice in Lee's Summit, I went to Raytown and passed.

3. I could have easily taken all the advanced placement courses in junior high and high school and had a 4.0 GPA but chose not to. Why? I wanted to have a social life, a job, and date. No, I do not regret doing this.

4. I have a major sweet tooth, always have. Especially if chocolate is involved.

5. Out of everything I obtained from Kindergarten through Senior year, I have saved my artwork and my writings. That's what was important to me.

6. If I am in a park and see an unused swingset, I jump at the opportunity and swing.

7. I make sure that I always have gum. When I see gum on clearance, I stockpile, hehe

8. My dad competed in swimming and diving in high school and college, and is a swimming and diving coach. I don't know how to swim... just a little ironic, don't you think?

9. My greatest fear is to be diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's. I thrive on my photographic memory so much that I cannot bear to imagine not having the ability to use it.

10. One of my favorite things to do is go to Borders or Barnes and Noble and spend hours just walking around looking at books.

11. When the day comes that I am about to become a homeowner, I would rather have an older house opposed to a new construction one. Why? Houses nowadays have less character and I want to be able to pick out and work on the home improvements.

12. I have posed a few times for art projects. One time I posed in the nude.

13. I have always wanted to have a social group much like on the tv show Friends. One where you all live near each other and have a "spot" that you frequent many times a week.

14. I am proud to be left handed.

15. I feel sexiest when wearing red undergarments. When I have days where I don't feel so good about myself, I will put some on to give myself a boost.

16. I want to witness an EF-4 or EF-5 tornado someday... from a distance, of course. Watching video on YouTube doesn't count.

17. Whenever there is a new dance craze, I'm usually one of the first people to learn it.

18. In the past year or two, I have become a major recycling nut. I get annoyed sometimes when I find things in the trash can that should actually go in the recycle bin.

19. I have a bag of fabric remnants in my room. I plan to make a quilt someday.

20. When I was younger, I loved going up to Jamesport, MO with my grandparents. My Grandpa Savory would participate in the craft show and my Grandma would take my sister and I around the shops to look around. I was fascinated at how the Amish lived without technology.

21. With the exception of 4 months in Fort Scott, Kansas... I have lived in Missouri my entire life.

22. When home alone, I love blasting music really loud and dancing. Sometimes this involves standing on my bed. Other times I actually change clothes while pretending that I am performing in front of people.

23. I think about sex a hell of a lot more than many women I know.

24. I had a slighty traumatizing incident with a cat when I was 11. I was bitten, then I passed out and had to go to the doctor to get a tetanus shot. I really haven't like cats since.

25. My favorite painting is "Starry Night" by Vincent VanGogh.


  1. I will be stealing this idea from you. I love it.

    #2.. I LOL'ed.. HARD.

  2. Hey... I stole this from someone's facebook. Go for it!

    #2, why? because it took my 3rd try or because I went to Raytown?

  3. I knew lots of people that went to Raytown after they failed because it was "easier"