Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tearjerker Moments

What makes good movies and tv shows is a combination of things: story, characters, and a connection to the audience. As a female, I tend to like certain movies that are not the best, but connect with me in a very emotional way. There are moments where I literally am brought to tears. Some are based on the loss of a character, some are when two people finally make that ultimate commitment to one another, or when someone truly gets something they deserve. Here are my tearjerker moments.

Harry's Ultimate Sacrifice in Armageddon:

Yea, the speech he said to Grace didn't really affect me, but it got me in the "teary mode." So by the time he gets flashbacks of Grace as a kid, I was there. This was also the first time I cried at a movie on a date (yes he cried too).

Monica and Chandler get Engaged on Friends:

Ok, I really wanted to post the actual proposal clip, but due to copywright/ embedding issues, I couldn't. But the whole concept of Monica realizing what Chandler was doing and surpising him with the apartment full of candles was just sooo awesome. Even though she couldn't go through with it and Chandler did the proposing... it was just perfect and romantic as hell!

Denny's Death on Grey's Anatomy:

Denny and Izzie... so close to true happiness. This exact scene is what I picture when Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" is playing. What gets me the most about this is what Izzie was saying before Alex picks her up off the bed. Even though they didn't know each other long, the feelings were strong. And to my Grey's fans, we saw how long it took for her to recover from this.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition:
There have been SEVERAL episodes that get me teared up when they get to the part where the house is revealed to the families. I sometimes have to avoid this show just because of that.

Big tells Carrie She's the One in Paris:

Yes, it was highly predictable that Big and Carrie would end up together, but when Big finally says "Carrie, you're the one," I was losing it. And then again less than a minute later when Carrie reunites with the girls in their "spot."

Proposal/Wedding from A Walk to Remember:

This one is a new development when it comes to the crying. I have seen this movie dozens of times but when I watched it about a month ago, I was having to rub my eyes. Funny how certain things that happen in your personal life can affect how you react to a movie...

Relizing John Doe is George on Grey's Anatomy:

As soon as Meredith said "007" I did one of those "eyes get really wide and my hand covers my mouth" moves before the tears came. And kept coming until the credits rolled. NO!!!! Not George. This one still gives me that chill every time I watch the clip.

The End of Toy Story 3:
Obviously I don't have video for this one because it's still in theaters! I don't want to spoil the ending for those who haven't seen it yet, but the last several minutes had tears running down my cheeks.

And here's a list of movies where I came close to crying (or would have if I didn't know the ending beforehand)
-Marley and Me, when Marley is put to sleep (knew the ending)
-Titanic, when Rose realizes Jack was dead (I know... shocking. I didn't cry)
-The Holiday, when Amanda decides to run back to Graham after already heading to the airport
-William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet, when Romeo realizes Juliet is alive after he took the poison
-The Green Mile, when John Coffey is executed (knew the ending)
-Stepmom, when Isabel and Jackie have that talk toward the end of the film

So... if anyone ever thought that I am a robot when watching movies.. I have proved you wrong! Now, what movies make you get weepy???


  1. Boys Don't Cry, Mr. Holland's Opus (like, three times in the movie), The Notebook, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotles Mind, The Messenger, for some reason Forgetting Sarah Marshall made me cry (I think it had to do with some boy)........

  2. 1. The song "Wonderful Tonight" has always been one of my favorite songs. If you looked in my car's cd player you would find a copy of Eric Clapton's "Timepieces". Doesn't make me cry but I do get goosebumps.
    2. Izzy and Denny... nuff said. If you watched it and didn't cry you don't have a heart
    3. The Notebook also makes me cry.. buckets.
    4. The music video for "Whiskey Lullaby" by Brad Paisley and Allison Krauss... not sure why. LOL

  3. I honestly had gotten this far back in your blog yet when I posted mine yesterday. I guessed as a movie geek you may have had a post along this line though. I like that you did TV as well. I may have to do a top 5 for TV at some point myself.