Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Dozen Laughs

Whoever said laughter is the best medicine was a genius! When life will throw many things at you that you cant control, you have to find a way to bring a few giggles in the mix of things. Laughter is a great mood booster, especially on those average, mediocre days where nothing really exciting happens. You go to bed thinking that your day was above par. Your fellow movie geek has decided to share her 12 favorite comedies that always make me smile (even laugh out loud after viewing it many, many times).

Knocked Up:

I love this movie so much because I can relate to it, except that when I got knocked up, I had been with the guy for a few months. Judd Apatow was a genius for casting this amazing group of actors for this movie. Without that combination, I don't think it would have worked as well as it did comedically. When Alison and Ben are at their first appointment, the doctor examines Alison's vaga-jay and said "Well, you really do look like your sister." That line made me laugh so hard that I think I finally stopped when Ben and Pete are on their Vegas adventure. This also makes me wonder if Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann Google their daughters ailments as well (and yes, that was both of thier kids in the film).

Office Space:

What isn't funny about this movie??? TPS Reports, Milton, pieces of flair, and "O" faces. It's full of great one liners, which I have found myself in the middle of a quote war numerous times. I also have my own personal stash of flair, although I think I have more than 37 pieces, lol. I was going to be a Chotcky's employee for Halloween this year, but I was overruled by a better costume idea.

The Hangover:

Another movie full of one liners! What would we do without Alan?? Or Mr. Chow? Or the fact that the drug dealer accidently gave them roofies? We would get a boring Bachelor party with only alcohol and strippers... and that would have been very sad indeed.

Big Daddy:

This is my favorite Adam Sandler flick. It made me laugh and it almost made me cry (like when they take Julian away from Sonny, also Sonny's speech in court). It also makes me want to eat at Hooters every time I watch it. Oh, and make a trip to Toronto someday. Plus, it has Steve Buscemi in it (totally love him, hehe)

Clerks II:

I cant have a favorite comedies list without some mandatory Kevin Smith! Even though the first one was awesome, I thought this one was a lot funnier. Transformers vs. Gobots, Star Wars vs. LOTR, cameos by Ben Affleck and Jason Lee, and the shit that Randall gets himself into (Hello dumbass, Kelly is a gender neutral name). Rosario Dawson, I have always loved your work and I was very pleased with you jumping into the Smith bandwagon! Bravo chica!!!

Dumb and Dumber:

I first watched this when I was 12. It still makes me laugh my ass off, so much that I cant take Jeff Daniels seriously when watching Pleasantville. I do recommend getting the unrated version of this movie... extra scenes and extended ones! Oh, and Harry's bathroom scene.... I can't even think of it without laughing!


Never F*ck with people who handle your food. As someone who works in the restaurant industry, I can tell you that there are customers like that out there. With that said, I have NEVER gone further than bitching about a customer to coworkers... no extra "gravy" on their plates! If you have worked in a restaurant or fast food place before, you just have to appreciate this movie!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall:

Did I ever mention that I am in love with Jason Segel? This movie did it for me. The whole breakup scene/aftermath was just so... real. The little things Peter did to make Sarah smile ("I've got a suprise for you... *slapping penis noise), the way he cried over the tupperware she bought for his cereal (I cried over a guy because I saw a Star Wars toy commerical once), and how he just had to get away to move on... that's as real as it gets. Add Russell Brand and you've got a hilarious breakup movie.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me:

Yea Baby!!! Gotta love the first one, but The Spy Who Shagged Me gave us Mini Me, Fat Bastard, Rob Lowe as a younger Number 2, and Felicity! The banters between Dr. Evil and Scott crack me up all the time. And I am a whore for color, and this movie just brings out color by the truckload. Fun Fact: all the material for the costumes came from some shop here in Kansas City... I remember watching the news story about it!


MUST. SEE. CHRISTMAS. MOVIE. I don't care if you hate Will Ferrell, this one can be your exception. Great story! It will melt your heart and make you have many fits of laughter! Zooey Deschanel was amazing in this, but what ISNT she good in??? UH, nothing!

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back:

I have a soft spot for movies that pay homage to other movies... and Kevin Smith did me proud, 10 times over! Not only did he incorporate all his movies, but he got a lot of the Miramax/Dimension films to share a role with this movie. And cameos galore!!! A note to Jay... stop asking me to f*ck you. Not going to happen. You have Justice, you know, when she's released from prison.

American Pie:

Ah, memories of high school. NO, I didn't screw baked goods. But I did learn some really good things from this movie, especially about watching your beer at a party, band camp's lessons in sex ed, and that you could become a sex legend by sleeping with someone's mom.

Now that you guys are done laughing... I am going to watch one of these movies. Maybe two, lol


  1. Thank you for the Forgetting Sarah Marshall clip. :)

  2. So, I just realized after leaving a comment on your other post that the one I meant to leave here didn't ever post. So anyways. Out of all of these I've only seen Big dady, knocked up and office space. All of which I really like. I really don't like any of the others though. You'll have to let me know if/when you ever watch Date night.

  3. I was thinking of doing a post like this as well. A yang to my sad clip's yin. Now I think I will definitely be doing it. I think your Dumb & Dumber Lloyd has to Pee clip was my fav of your list.