Wednesday, December 1, 2010

30 Day Song Challenge!!!

Oh how I love facebook and blogging!!! My buddy Sarah posted on her facebook in November of a Music Video Challenge. For thirty consecutive days you are supposed to post a music video that represents each day of the challenge. I loved her choices in videos and wanted to do the same thing. However, I thought I would add a little something to it. While I will abide by the rules and post the video, I will also add a little blip of information as to why I picked each video. These will be short blogs, but I hope that my readers will get as much enjoyment out of it as I will. This shall be a very eclectic December indeed!!!

1-Your Favorite Song
2-Your Least Favorite Song
3-A Song That Makes You Happy
4-A Song That Makes You Sad
5-A Song That Reminds You of Someone
6-A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere
7-A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event
8- A Song that You Know All The Words To
9-A Song You Can Dance To
10-A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep
11-A Song From Your Favorite Band
12-A Song From a Band You Hate
13-A Song That is a Guilty Pleasure
14-A Song that No One Would Expect You to Love
15-A Song that Describes You
16-A Song that You Used to Love But Now Hate
17-A Song that You Hear Often on the Radio
18- A Song that You Wish You Heard on the Radio
19-A Song From Your Favorite Album
20- A Song You Listen to When You're Angry
21-A Song You Listen to When You're Happy
22-A Song You Listen to When You're Sad
23-A Song That You Want to Play at Your Wedding
24-A Song You Want to Play at Your Funeral
25-A Song That Makes You Laugh
26-A Song That You Can Play on An Instrument
27- A Song That You Wish You Could Play
28- A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty
29- A Song From Your Childhood
30- Your Favorite Song At This Time Last Year

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  1. Now this one, I should be able to do! Maybe I'll give it a try!