Sunday, December 12, 2010

Song #11- A Song From Your Favorite Band

Poison "Every Rose Has Its Thorns"

I need to clarify... Poison is my favorite hair band, not my favorite band (they don't have anything new out, with the exception of Bret Michael's solo career). They are my favorite hair band for two reasons. One, because I watched Rock of Love, which if I am going to watch any of those reality dating shows, it's going to be one with rocker chicks fighting over a celebrity (the drama is expected). Two, a couple summers ago, my sister and I caught a local cover band called Poison Overdose. They were excellent! I proudly own The Best of Poison: 20 Years of Rock CD and listen to it every so often. I also wish to see Poison in concert someday (not just Bret... all of them).

I picked "Every Rose Has It's Thorns" because I felt like this was one of Bret's best written songs to date. Many people grasped that emotional connection of the song. This was also the first song that Bret performed this year after all his health issues. When Casey James started performing this on the American Idol season finale, I was freaking out because I realized that Bret was about to join him onstage... and he did! It was very exciting to see Bret, not to mention a complete shock to everyone (including his doctors). I hope for an exciting future for Bret and the boys... and maybe even a new album someday!

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  1. This is a really good song. I almost began to hate it this past year though because it was so over used. Now that they have backed off I think its safe from falling into that category.