Sunday, December 26, 2010

Song #25- A Song That Makes You Laugh

The Bloodhound Gang "Mope"

Wow... I learn something everyday. I never knew there was a music video for this song!

The Bloodhound Gang is famous for making some of the most vulgar sexual references out there... and I love them for that! After the initial shock of hearing the Hooray for Boobies album for the first time, I found myself cracking up... a lot! The song "Mope" cracks me up the most, from the confused reaction that Falco is the greatest "money making playa that ain't with us no more" to Pac Man getting high on crack. The ridiculousness of this song is actually pretty ingenious of the group and I wish that more people would have acknowledged their creativity... I mean, who else would come up with songs that challenge you to rhyme the word "vagina" with something legitimate???

"Holy macaroni!!!" -Homer Simpson

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  1. Perhaps this is one of those songs that would grow on me. I have a large number of songs like that. However after only hearing it once, I don't get it.