Friday, December 31, 2010

New Things I Experienced in 2010

Back in September, I was browsing around on Facebook and came across a note that someone had written about the things that he did in 2009 that he had never done before. I really enjoyed reading it and felt inspired to write my own list. It's amazing how many things one person can experience in a year. I hope this inspires some of my friends and readers to do the same!

Here are the new things I experienced in 2010

-Toasted to the new year with champagne with a huge group of friends (the first time I toasted with something with alcohol in it)
-Had a picture taken with celebrities (The band Everclear after winning tix and meet and greet passes on the radio, went with my cousin Katy)

-Cut my own hair (like over a foot off... and kinda butchered it, but my Mom was able to fix it)

-Went to my first 3D film (Alice in Wonderland)
-Attended a Q&A of one of my favorite filmmakers, Kevin Smith
-Encountered the Westboro Baptist protesters (in front of Midland theater before Kevin Smith Q&A)
-Attempted to do my own taxes (using one of those free Internet programs) and found more credits than my Dad did (who normally does mine)... and got a nice return!!!

-Enrolled a child for school
-Spent an entire Saturday watching movies I had never seen before (total of 5 movies that day)

Donated money for a walk (ended up doing two donations: one for Hospital Hill Run and the other for Crohns Colitis walk)

-Made a cake using one of those Wilton cake molds (it was a palm tree), I also experimented with food coloring for the icing
-Successfully removed Malware from a laptop (with the help of my best friend walking me through it via text messages)

-Attended the Rocky Horror Picture Show with a live audience and "lost my virginity" (ended up going a total of 5 times this year, would have been 6 if the last showing wasn't sold out before I got to the theater, grrr)
-Started blogging
-Used diet pills
-Went on a first date since my divorce
-Failed a background check for a potential employer

-Hired at a job that I never applied to (and accepted)
-Put a child on a nightly, routine bedtime

-Attended the wedding of an ex-boyfriend (was my high school sweetheart Ben)
-Went to a bachelorette party
-Went to a strip club

-Ate all four courses while dining at a restaurant (Melting Pot)
-Tried duck and ratatouille (Melting Pot)
-Attended a drag show (Flo's Cabaret)
-Learned to swallow pills whole (opposed to chewing them or using liquid medication)
-Participated in a wedding as a bridesmaid (my sister's wedding)
-Felt an aftershock from the 4.3 magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma on the 13th (my desk was vibrating as I was sitting at it, reported incident to USGS website)
-Got full on drunk and had to have a friend take me home (normally I am the DD or I eat while drinking... it just never happened until now)
-Wore a garter belt (rawr!!!)
-Saw a burlesque show

-Voted in an election
-Waited in a store until midnight to take advantage of Black Friday sales (Walmart... and yes it was crazy)

-Tailgated in the parking lot before a football game
-Attended a Pro Football game (KC Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos)
-Went to a masquerade/ball (1940's USO themed, in a very nice Unitarian church)
-Watched a full lunar eclipse (during Winter Solstice, which the last time those events happened at the same time was in 1638)

-Had an entire calender year go by without being in the presence of my ex-husband (actual count, it has been about 15 months since I last saw him in person)

Wow, I should do this every year! This is an awesome way to reflect on the things I accomplished. I recommend you do the same!

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  1. Very nice post. Seems you had a pretty good year with quite a few firsts. What did I do this year let's see.

    January - October = Ate, scratched, watched TV, burped, played video games, farted, slept, repeat.

    November = Started a blog and met an awesome new friend.

    December = More eating burping & farting

    Happy New Year! ;)