Sunday, December 5, 2010

Song #4- A Song That Makes You Sad

The Verve Pipe "Freshman"

It's pretty obvious why I picked this song, isn't it? It's about suicide. For two people to think that this is the way to get out of life, especially as a young teen just hurts my heart. At that age, I know it's hard to know that you are different than many people. I also know that high school is a time where people that are considered different are ridiculed, bullied, and isolated. This song represents that two individuals believed this was how it was going to be for the rest of their lives. What's even sadder? Only one of them went through with it. Not only does that person get to reflect and appreciate that he didn't end his life, but he ended up losing the one friend that understood him. He couldn't save her.

I remember the night before my freshman year, I called the radio station and requested to play this song. I only did it because the song was called "Freshman." Kinda fucked up, huh???


  1. I never paid much attention to this song before. I've heard it but never really listened or thought about it. When put in context it is kinda sad.

  2. One of my jr. high boyfriends and i... that was "our song." And you know, I had no idea it was about suicide till I read this post! Lol... I think I was a tad morbid as a child.

  3. This song is a only a little bit about suicide though. This song is based a on true story. The band member who wrote got his girlfriend pregnant, he didn't want to but she had an abortion, then he left to get over it and in the song but not in real life she comited suicide. She didn't really though but it makes for a better song that she did. The last part is about how they never talked about but they would slip up and then feel guilty about it all. It's been one of fav songs forever but it is a sad song if you think about it. I just really like it.