Saturday, December 11, 2010

Song #10- A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep

Of all the topics in this music video challenge, this was the hardest one to come up with. I skipped this one several times and came back to it when I completed all the other blogs. I really don't have any specific songs that put me to sleep, but I do have a good idea at what kind of music would put me there, if I was very relaxed.

Enya "Only Time"

I think Enya's music is very beautiful, but it's not something I play regularly. Like, if I were to have a day at the spa (which I've never done), I could imagine listening to a compilation of her songs. Or, say, if I decided to go tanning in the high pressure bed, which definitely relaxed me (some of you may recall from my Tanning is Awkward blog what happened to me in said bed.... zzzzzzzzz). The peacefulness of Enya's music just gets you in that sleepy mood.

I need to admit that I cheated a little bit on this blog... I Googled songs that make you sleepy. Enya was one of the most popular artists. It makes sense though. I do feel like I need to make it up to you guys. So, for your viewing (and listening) pleasure, I would like to share a song that a young Colorado boy is compelled to finish whenever he hears it:

You know you love me for sharing that with you!!!!

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  1. I love Enya. She was a close second for me on this topic. She was only edged out because most of her songs have something in them that sparks thoughts in my head that keep my brain going. Book of Days and The Celts are both quite relaxing though.

    Oh and I have always freaking loved Cartman's version of Come Sail Away. LMAO The original clip is awesome but I prefer the whole version The first time I heard it I literally could not breathe from laughter when it got to the first "you guys" !