Monday, December 13, 2010

Song #12- A Song From a Band You Hate

Insane Clown Posse "Miracles"

I mentioned in a previous blog about how I dated someone who considers himself a juggalo. So naturally, when I was around him, we listened to a lot of Insane Clown Posse. Now I am not really a fan of them, but this song "Miracles" was actually pretty good. I related to the innocent-like wonder and amazement of how things work in the world. I also liked the beat of the song. This, to me, isn't a normal ICP song since most of the lyrics are minimal when it comes to cursing, also virtually free of violence and hardcore sex themes. It's one of the few songs of theirs that could actually be played on the radio. So if you are around me when I'm listening to stuff on Pandora or YouTube and this song shows up on the play list, be assured that I am not a juggalo and that I just enjoy this song.


  1. "innocent-like wonder and amazement of how things work" so that's the PC term for morbid stupidity is it? I had a friend who loved ICP too. He made me watch what I sincerely was their only movie attempt. I felt like cinema itself had been assaulted and my brain had been raped through my ears and eyes repeatedly. If my dislike of boy bands had not been so great these guys probably would have made choice yesterday. Although I would have hated to subject anyone to their "entertainment". However SNL did a funny parody of this song...

  2. I saw that parody when it originally aired... I thought it was absolutely hilarious!!!