Friday, December 31, 2010

Song #30- Your Favorite Song At This Time Last Year

Lady Gaga "Bad Romance"

Two years ago, I was listening to Lady Gaga's debut album, The Fame. It was the beginning of a beautiful musician/listener relationship. When "Bad Romance" was released as a single last year, I fell more in love with her as an artist. I already saw a huge leap in her career, and this was just the first song from The Fame Monster album. It was catchy as hell, full of powerful lyrics, and was accompanied with an amazing video (which won for Best Video at the VMA's).

Even a year later, I am still loving this song. I turn it up when it's on the radio and play it occasionally when hanging out in my bedroom. To me, this is one of my favorite songs of all time... but that could change, since her third album is due early next year.

I had so much fun doing this challenge, so much that I'm thinking of doing it again next year!! Of course I will choose different songs... I mean, there are thousands of songs out there that I love :-)

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  1. I have heard this song before but I hadn't seen the video. I would expect nothing less of Lady Gaga though. If she were a man she'd be a drag queen but she's not so she's just fucking fabulous!