Monday, December 20, 2010

Song #19- A Song From Your Favorite Album

Katy Perry "Firework"

I admit, I do not YET own this album, but everything I have heard from it... I love!!! "California Girls" was my song this summer and the video was an explosion of bubble gum pop and tons of sweets!!! "Teenage Dream" has a nostalgic feel to it and "Peacock" is sexual, dirty, and fun! None of those songs can compare to "Firework."

I believe "Firework" is the best song that Mrs. Russell Brand has done! It has a great message to anyone who feels down, isolated, ugly, or in a situation that makes them uncomfortable. The video does the same. It shows many different young individuals overcoming their own obstacles, from a curvier girl a little weary of showing off her body to a shy gay male at a club experiencing love from another gay male. The visual representation of fireworks coming out of every body's chests was perfect! This song is one that I haven't been able to get enough of, and one that has a very enjoyable dance routine on Just Dance 2.

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  1. Katy Perry is a cutie! She's pretty talented too. Even Elmo loves her.