Sunday, December 19, 2010

Song #18- A Song You Wish You Heard On The Radio

Hanson "Yearbook"

I honestly think that this song is the best one on the Middle of Nowhere album... well, actually, the best song Hanson has written! It was deeper than the other tracks. I could relate to the track. I remember people in grade school that you saw everyday, until you didn't. And for some of them, they didn't have a picture in the yearbook. You would wonder what happened to them. Did he/she move? Did they die? Does anyone know what happened to them??? I really wished that this was going to be one of their radio singles back in the late 90's, but it never happened. At least I have their CD, and added the song to my IPod.  I also geeked out about this song when I joined my high school's yearbook staff, hehe.

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  1. Hanson is another one of those groups I tend to recoil in disgust from just by hearing their name. I did however listen to this song and gave it a chance.