Saturday, June 11, 2011

11. A Song From a Musical That Has Made the Most Impact on You

Rocky Horror Picture Show "Hot Patootie Bless My Soul"

It just seems natural to me that the musical that was the first one I had ever seen (which is also the one that I know nearly all the lines to) is also the one that has had the most impact on me. To repeat myself from several previous blog entries, I was raised by parents who loved this musical and saw the stage show over 200 times. It is, in a way, a part of how my family came to be. The love for the cult musical also had worked its way into my high school theater experience, where I found classmates who loved it as much as I did (and one Halloween I watched the musical in the garage while handcuffed to one of my theater buddies... hehe).

It took going to my first live show in July 2010 that affected/ impacted my life more than any other musical. I found a new activity that I look forward to every month. I have made a lot of new friends while going to the shows, which includes people I have dated/ are dating. I invested in corsets and costumes for the show. Then I started helping the cast with setting up, taking tickets, and cleaning up when the show was over. But the part that just made everything complete was when I was asked if I was ready to be part of the show. I happily accepted and am now one of the shadow cast members. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a big part of my social life now and I am excited to continue being part of the show.

I also am looking forward to what's ahead as far as Rocky Horror goes. I have set a goal to where I would like to play each character at least once in my life. I also would like to attend shows in other cities (which would make for some fun weekend road trips). Then there is a convention coming to Denver, CO in 2013. The future looks very promising. :-)

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