Wednesday, June 22, 2011

22. A Song From a Musical That Should Never Have Been Made Into a Movie

Mamma Mia "The Winner Takes It All"

There's something about a musical made entirely of songs by ABBA that does not appeal to me at all. I do admit that I like many of their songs. I have tried watching this movie a couple times. I love a lot of the actors in it and it had the potential to be great. It even had a pretty good start. However, about... I'd say 20-30 minutes in, I just felt like it turned to ridiculous. For one, the songs don't always flow in and out of the story well... and for some they just stick out like a sore thumb. Then you realize a couple of the actors are not that talented in singing (I'm sorry Pierce Brosnan, but it wasn't pleasing). If I were given the opportunity to see a stage production of this, I would give it a try. Maybe some of the elements just got lost from stage to film. I am just not a fan of this film.

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