Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Music Tuesday: Rihanna, Daddy Yankee, and a LOT of Rock Music

Good afternoon everyone! If anyone is like me, then you are avoiding a heat advisory by staying indoors. Or, you are relaxing in a pool. As I am enjoying air conditioning, I have been listening and reviewing my latest music discoveries from the past week. Aside from the first couple songs, this blog has turned out to be very rock oriented. I like that it is... especially since a lot of the bands are ones that I have followed for a long time. Please, enjoy these discoveries and keep yourself hydrated!!!

Rihanna "Man Down"

So how does Rihanna top a video full of S&M??? She kills a man. I like that she traveled back to her homeland in Barbados (I am assuming) to film this video. The video showcases her natural beauty and how the people in the country live simple, but happy lives. The story, however, shows otherwise. You meet a guy in a club and he makes advances on you that you aren't comfortable with so you decline the advances. Then he follows you and forces to have his way with you. A bit extreme to killing him for doing that, but effective nonetheless.
Daddy Yankee feat. Prince Royce "Ven Conmigo"

This song makes me want to salsa and/or tango!!! I like how Daddy Yankee does a Spanglish blend on this song, it makes it seem more... romantic, in a way. Then again, I understand some of the Spanish lyrics (I did take 2 1/2 years of Spanish and try to keep up on it from time to time). I expect to hear this in dance clubs all summer :-)

1, 2, 3 "Work"

Is it bad that about 25 seconds into the video, I spot a bottle of TruBlood in the background? Yeah, I would notice that!!! My first impression on the song was that it sounded like Oasis and Kings of Leon mated and this is their love child (hopefully someone else notices that or I just sound weird). This is one of those songs that I can see as part of a car advertisement. I enjoyed the video and how it just felt like it could be in any city in the United States.
The Parlotones "Should We Fight Back"

I found this group on YouTube. I think they are pretty good. I will want to hear more of their music, though. I liked the video and how it helped spread the message that the song was giving. The girl that had all the work done to her body... I thought she looked a lot cuter before all the medical enhancements.

Hinder "What Ya Gonna Do"

This song is already one of my favorites by Hinder. I love how they made the video simple, with random footage from touring and spending time with family and loved ones. It helps make the song stand out. Good job guys! I can't wait to hear more from you in the future!!!

Kings of Leon "Back Down South"

So Kings of Leon are going a little country now, huh? The song is actually not that bad. I have a feeling that this will be the laid back summer song (especially around the 4th of July). It definitely encompasses the southern charm and lifestyle. I must research to see if the band is from the South....

Papa Roach "No Matter What"

I've been a fan of Papa Roach since their first single, "Last Resort." I have seen them transform from hardcore angry rock to a more alternative sound. I'm still a fan, but this song isn't my favorite. It's very light compared to their other songs. The video is pretty cool with it's hostage-like situation where they barricade themselves in the shack/house. But, like I said, the song is just "meh" to me.

Foo Fighters "Walk"

Foo Fighters music = good. Foo Fighters music videos = epic! I am happy to see that David and Company have returned to their comedic side when making a music video. What I loved is the minute details that help express the video, like the bumper stickers, the hat worn by the fast food attendant, and everything in the golf cart (before it meets its watery demise). I am ready to buy this album... it's got some excellent music on it!!!

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