Tuesday, June 7, 2011

7. A Song Performed by Your Favorite Female Singer in a Musical

Chicago "When You're Good to Mama"

I remember when Queen Latifah was a hip hop/rap artist in the 90's. Oh how she has moved toward a lot of great opportunities in her career since then!!! When I saw this movie in theaters, I was absolutely amazed at her transformation to musical superstar. I wanted to see her in more musicals. I did get my wish, when she was cast as Motormouth Maybelle in Hairspray.

Queen Latifah (Motormouth Maybelle)

I want to see her in more musicals in the future. I know that Rock of Ages just started filming for the big screen and I don't believe she is cast in it, but I know exactly who she would play if she was: Justice. Okay, I could be typecasting a bit for that, but she really would be awesome in that role! Also, if they ever remade The Wiz, I would expect her to be involved. Queen Latifah has a strong, powerful voice which makes anything she sings mesmerizing.

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