Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Music Tuesday: Bad Meets Evil, R. Kelly, One of Clarence Clemons' Final Performances, and a Parody

It's Tuesday, you know what that means... new music!!! I don't have a lot for you this week, but a couple of them have really impacted me with how good they are. So lets get to listening!

Bad Meets Evil feat. Eminem & Royce da 5'9 "Fast Lane"

Is it just me, or do I sense a new spin in the rap world? This song is like a breath of fresh air. Yes, we are familiar with both Eminem and Royce da 5'9" but the collaboration of the two in a teamed alter ego is extremely amazing! I am ready to hear more!!! As for the video... I loved the warehouse setting with added animation of lyrics and cartoon images. It made the words stand out more, both comically and in awe of how amazing this style of rap is compared to the rest playing on the radio.

R. Kelly "Radio Message"

I like the idea that this song is a confession of heartbreak and love expressed through the radio. This is just one of those songs that a literal translation of song to video is perfect, even necessary. The song is still growing on me, but definitely enjoyable.

Lady Gaga "The Edge of Glory"

I loved this song from the first few notes... it was simple, yet extremely powerful. I was curious as to how she would do the music video. To my pleasant surprise, she went simple for the video. I loved the pink and purple color scheme surrounding the buildings and steps. I also love that she went to her New York roots for the set. The only other person you see in the video is Clarence Clemons, performing his infamous solo in the song. It is heartbreaking that he passed away 3 days after this video made its debut and he will be greatly missed. RIP Clarence Clemons

Weird Al Yankovic "Perform This Way"

For those who don't know the back story on this song: Weird Al gets permission from whoever he parodies to be able to release a song. This one was not originally approved, and after popular demand by his fans, it became the first single for his new album. As with many of his other parodies, I loved it! Last night, one of my good friends shared the video with me (and I shared with others). I thought it was very comical, but... to see Weird Al's face on a bikini clad female body was slightly traumatizing.

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  1. Why does R. Kelly still exist? I mean, really.