Sunday, June 12, 2011

12. A Song From a Musical That You Could Listen to All Day

For today's blog entry, I had trouble deciding on just one musical. There are two soundtracks I own that I have listened to countless times, so why not have a double dose of musical goodness today??? I figured you wouldn't mind, LOL

Chicago "Cell Block Tango"

When my sister and I were watching the 2002 Academy Awards, we saw Chicago take a lot of awards, including Best Picture. Less than a week later, I bought the soundtrack and my sister and I were sitting at the movie theaters watching the movie. I loved the music, the choreography, and the use of accent colors to make the scenes just pop! I spent a lot of the following months playing this soundtrack over and over again in my bedroom and in my car.

Moulin Rouge "El Tango de Roxanne"

I caught this movie one day on HBO. I knew beforehand that Baz Luhrmann was behind the film, and I was a big fan of William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet. I loved how he blends pop culture with a classic love story to make an extremely entertaining experience, visually, musically, and emotionally. After watching the movie for the first time, it wasn't that much longer until I was purchasing the soundtrack. Just like the Chicago soundtrack, I spent many times in my room and my car listening to it, but more in the car (especially when I spent my first semester of college in St. Louis). I also own a movie poster of this film, which is currently hanging on the wall just outside my bedroom. :-)

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  1. I thought Moulin Rogue was the strangest, weirdest movie I had ever seen the first time I watched it. It peaked my interest enough to watch it again though. After watching it the second time I was hooked. It made it to my list of favorite movies and this scene in particular is one of the high points in the film for me.