Thursday, June 16, 2011

16. A Song From Your Favorite Composer, From Your Least Favorite Musical

Andrew Lloyd Webber: Cats "Memory"

Before I go into this, I need to say that I have never seen Cats. I have no desire to, even though Andrew Lloyd Webber is my favorite composer. Just because I am a fan of his work doesn't mean I'm going to like everything he puts out. For one, if I am going to watch a show with felines... it's going to be The Lion King. I also think that is a show that has been overexposed and over hyped over the years.

A perfect example of my attitude toward this can be portrayed accurately in the movie Jersey Girl. Yes, the Kevin Smith film. All of the students want to perform "Memory" for the talent show... and they do. Ollie (Ben Affleck) takes his daughter to see Sweeney Todd, which inspires them to perform a number from the musical for the talent show. When the principal realizes that they are not performing a number from Cats, she is extremely relieved. I would be too after seeing the same number at least a dozen times in one night.

Now, before anyone argues that I need to give Cats a chance... don't be harsh about it. If you can give me good reasons, and express them in such a manner that I know you are passionate about the musical, then I will watch it. :-)

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