Thursday, June 30, 2011

30. A Song From Your Favorite Musical

The Phantom of the Opera "The Point of No Return"

So... how many of you guys were shocked that The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not my favorite musical???

I realized, at seven years old, that I was a hopeless romantic... thanks to Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It was about a bookworm that didn't quite fit in and found herself with someone who was outcast and they eventually fell in love. I hate to admit that this movie became a sort of ideal mold for me in my dating life, LOL.

Then, just a few days before Valentine's Day (this year), I found myself reliving the same emotions when watching The Phantom of the Opera. The movie encompassed love, hate, anger, and passion through the music and the story. It was beautiful and flawless to me and after watching it the first time, I started to watch it again. I NEVER do that. It immediately made the #2 spot on my favorite movies list. It is such a beautiful, passionate, and moving production. If the movie can move me that much, I cannot imagine what the stage show would do. If there are any other hopeless romantics out there who have not seen it (or any theater lover for that matter), you need to see this immediately. It's worth it.

Well, that wraps up the Musical Blog Challenge. I got several of these songs stuck in my head and I bet it did the same to some of you. I hope you enjoyed all the musicals I covered and maybe you were introduced to some new ones. Thank you to those who read the entries... I really loved working on this challenge :-)

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