Monday, June 13, 2011

13. A Song From a Musical that You Loved From the First Note

Phantom of the Opera- "Overture"

I had never seen The Phantom of the Opera until this year. I know, shocking.

I decided to watch a bunch of love stories/ romantic comedies the week leading up to Valentine's Day. I figured if I didn't have a special someone to celebrate the holiday with, then I would do my own thing... with movies. I popped in the movie expecting to really like the movie. What I didn't expect was that as soon as the organ was played for the first time that I felt the love, passion, and the music take over me... and kept me there until the ending credits. The Phantom of the Opera is inevitable proof that music is something that you feel completely passionate about and love endlessly. It affects you so deeply that you cannot imagine a world without it.

Every time I decide to watch this movie or play the music, I cannot help but get a huge smile on my face and feel the music within my heart. I am a hopeless romantic after all! :-)

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  1. Another of my favorite films, as well as a musical from my favorite modern day composer.